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I have doubt,so i posted here to help this forum from spammer and space.
If it is wrong,Delete this thread and i really sorry for that.

My Doubt:
These peoples are posting two post only and have signature with two links.
I think they are spammer.
Daily,they posting here.

i was thinking that,but some of their post are on topic.which spam bots now can read the topic and post something similar to whats going on.

Ive made a few spam bots before and i dont know how they do it Laughing
There are a lot more of them, all with the same IP address, I think in Pakistan. I banned the IP address, I hope that will help a bit.
Thanks Bondings for your quick respond and action. Very Happy
Thanks Bondings!
Good eye, cybersa!
Ah yeah, it looks like I might just have responded to another thread by one in this very forum.

Hey, you never know, if spam bots continue to improve like this and sort out their grammar they might become valued members of the community. Razz
Aren't they being deleted?
No comment.
Total posts 116 • Total topics 69 • Total members 32

That's pretty good for a site 1 week old,my forum went about a year before it had any significant number of members/posts.
I guess. I'm running into a problem where I can't really talk about my forum on any established sites, and I don't have a good enough presence to really advertise. By that I mean that I'd be wasting my time/money if I did advertise because people would be unlikely to sign up for the forum with no people.
truespeed wrote:
Total posts 116 • Total topics 69 • Total members 32

That's pretty good for a site 1 week old,my forum went about a year before it had any significant number of members/posts.
Agreed. Think GoldenEagle is VERY impatient. His site must be one of the fastest that ever went up, I'm completely in awe and admiration how focused he is. Anyway, maybe he needs this impatient energy to make the posts come his way. I notice he has invited people to post for coins in the Market Place, and that's a really great idea. Reminds me of when you first started your Celebrity Forum and I remember I was still very new at Frihost. I'm beginning to feel quite old now as that feels like eons ago. Very Happy
I have just found my old thread >> here <<

My board start date is Sept 2007,the thread date was March 2008,so 6 months into the forum starting i was obviously still struggling to get people to join,so it does take time.

The problem with my site was that there are lots of similar sites,so it was a crowded market we were trying to break into so to speak.

We are still far from the busiest forum of its kind,but we do have a good regular userbase now.

i have googled coin forums and there are also quite a few out there,some busy some not so,so there is obviously a demand for it,wether eagle can tap into that demand and either tempt users from other forums or find fresh users only time will tell i guess.
If any of you guys are having spam issues on your boards, there is a very nice set of plugins over at (basically a DNS black-hole list). I've found it to be very helpful in reducing the spam I have to wade through for clients. Smile

In particular I've been using this one: Anti-Spam ACP (phpBB mod) by EXreaction (There's also a small modification that needs to be done to allow automatic refusal by IP.)
There is some pluginns for spammers . I have a plugin on my forums which works pretty good
How did you notice all these spammers, Cypersa? I recently come across few people replying threads with common spam words like "thank you" and "this is what I was looking for" and I hesitated whether to report them or not.


I'm currently planning to open a client support forums, which will run behind closed doors. Guests can only see the problems and the solutions will require the user to login or sign up.

The signup process needs the user to provide 32+ random alphanumeric chars called "purchase certificate" which is attached to the product (digital product) purchased by the client.

Upon registration, the purchase certificate is stored into the database to block any further signups with similar purchase certificate.

Therefore unlike GoldenEagle, Bots are unwelcome here.
Again new spammer. Sad
Here is the link:
cybersa wrote:
Again new spammer. Sad
Here is the link:

The problem with these type of users is that it is not 100% spam. They sometimes write good messages and on topic and only in their signature have a few links - just like the user you mentioned. In those cases, I'm not sure if it is really necessary to remove the user/posts. In this case I have removed it, though; his intro was the same in a lot of forums.
I understand you Bondings... everyday I have to clean up spams on our email servers from around 200 emails, and some of them seem to be quite legit, but then I see the anomalies and the main content of their mails, which are websites, or sent from with a gmail id or vice versa.
Cleaning them up is quite a hassle, I tell you, and the IP's change everyday.
Yeah,we can't stop spammer completely.
But Bodings Thanks for your support.
One thing I like to do is take their IP and run a search in the database. If it shows up then they have spammed other websites before, then there's not much hope for them as a contributing user. Helps take some of the guesswork out.

Lately I've noticed a pretty large boom in the number of spam users registering at my personal frihost site. However mine is set to admin-approve only so there's not a whole lot of point in setting up spam control. Still, on every other phpBB site I've made for people, I definitely love

PS just for fun World map by spam density
I have had a fair bit of spam on my forum,but i never let them get away with a link no matter how on topic their comments are,i figure if i let one through they will just come back to add more usernames/posts/links.
I get them a fair bit as well! I usually just edit their posts to be relevant.

Edit: I'm beginning to average 2 new members a day on spammers.
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