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A latter introduction...

Hey everyone.

I've come back to this forum community a little bit after something like a 6 year gap. I think I originally added when I was about 14; I am now 20

I've been looking over some of the posts I made back then, and it's been really interesting to see how different I feel I was 5 years ago. A lot has changed of me since then... The change of avatar from a zelda image, to a broken heart set in concrete might point out a little bit to such changes =x.

I feel I have learnt a lot from all the things I have gone through, and I almost feel like a different person. It's a weird feeling!

I've been trying to catch up with a lot of the topics and discussions I've missed out on since I was last here. So many of you seem really interesting and have so many unique points of view about the world. I look forward to getting more involved in this community again : ).

A little about me...

My name is Thomas, and I'm currently studying computer science + business at Exeter in the UK.

I'm generally very lazy and I love to sleep! I'm pretty quiet / shy, pretty closed and pretty... to the point about things. I think about things way too much; usually looking too deep into everything ;p. I lack self confidence, and generally beat myself up over mistakes I have made... It's a bit stupid, because I say to others - "what's done is done, you have to learn and move on"... But I can't really practice what I preach in that respect :f.

My main hobbies and likes are reading / writing, creating / playing / listening to music, teaching, sleeping, racket sports / football and watching a range of animes / sitcoms. I love to play acoustic songs on my guitar and sing. but i'm really not very good at either.

On the negative side... I mainly dislike arrogance. And having to wake up in the mornings, ergh.

Thanks very much to anyone who's read this! : )
And you have 100 broken windows.

Welcome back to the forums. Smile
Welcome to Frihost.
Enjoy and stay with us.
Hello, and welcome in frihost, we hope that you will like !
hello and welcome newcommer, hope to see you staying active and posting high quality threads. Welcome Very Happy
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