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Choose what suits you, Your church mate or any body else?

Before i begin, i want to appreciate people that will reply to my post. Though the frihost community consist from different beliefs and regions, i'd still want to know what is your opinion or suggestions. I'm not a religious person that's why i come up to ask this question.

I was born a Roman Catholic as my religion but when i'm in high school i court a girl that belongs in Christian Fundamental Baptist. As the girl said that i'm courting on, she only belongs to the person who believes on the same way like her (Christian). So since i'm really in love with her, i decided to baptise and join her. I know deep inside me that it was a mistake and i commit a sin due to that matter.

Now to cut the story short, the girl i'm courting never loved me until i decided to not to continue courting her. But since i accept my mistake, my sin, i continued to go to church, wake up early morning without her presence.

But the case was this, i fell in love to a woman that don't belongs to the same beliefs and religions like me. She is a Roman Catholic and now i'm a Christian. (whew) IF I'M NOT MISTAKEN, according to the teaching, and also i ask advised to my church mate (brother), i should not love her, and the only way to continue my feelings to her, she needs voluntary baptise without the intention that she only wants to do it because she loves me too.

Now my question is, what do you think should i do? Because currently, she don't want to be baptise and she's being faithful to the Roman Catholic Church. And the most alarming, i'm currently thinking to give up my religion for her.
I can only give you my personal opinion on all this the rest is up to you. Yes, if people have affiliations with a church, it can effect a marriage. Religion as well is a social activity but I think many marriages can and do exist even if two people do not share the same church or even believe the same things. I would never try to undermine your decisions or beliefs or down play your concerns however there is usually many options available to people.

As far as the religious aspect I will only say this. Spiritually, the most important consideration I have is, is there love? With it anything can be accomplished, without it one should give it up as lost.
So you started out as a roman catholic,changed sides to become a christian to be with a girl,now you want to be with another girl,who is roman catholic,but instead of changing back to being a roman catholic you want her to change to christian? (Confusing)

Does it really matter,your both Christians,both read the same bible,pray to the same god and most inportantly......

I'm not a religious person.


Your quote.
@bluedoll thanks for that kind of opinion. I got your point.

@truespeed yeah your right i said i'm not religious person. I don't know what is your interpretation for that but what i mean is that i go to church, being faithful but if you will ask me to recite about chapters and verses in bible, i cannot perform it.

We may both believes to one God but really it has something difference. And that difference is huge. We Christian only read Bible version of King James unlike Catholic, any preferred interpreted versions. We have lot's of difference in terms of beliefs between from being Christian Fundamental Baptist than to Roman Catholic.

That's why i'm asking if i should go back to being being Catholic again or i stay from being Christian. Coz this is the point of view, i'm scared that what if i go back to my origin then this girl i loved left me after a couple of years. Then again i'm hanging on this different beliefs. (sighs)

Sometimes i ask my self, why this planet earth had different views, beliefs and opinions in life. Why not being the same? So there are no confusing situation, no problems at all. We were just happy!
@Macky. There's this saying by Shakespeare in Hamlet that if you can't be true to yourself, you cannot really be true to anyone else. So if you make sacrifices or ask the other person to make sacrifices, and it goes against their nature, it is basically asking them to be dishonest . This dishonesty will sooner or later backfire on both of you.

Bluedoll has the right idea about love. I believe in this too. If you truly love this girl then you will accept her as she is and allow her to follow her own religion. And the other way round. If she truly loves you, then she won't expect you to change your religion for her because she will know that will be an act of dishonesty and harmful to both of you in the long run.
Here is something else I thought of and it only concerns your religious belief. We could spend ages disputing and concentrating on our differences sometimes even getting involved in arguments about religion but if we instead looked rather at the things we have in common then this would be more beneficial. Although there are certainly differences in the beliefs that Catholic
and Christian Fundamental Baptist share, there are as well similarities to agree on. One such belief is the belief of Jesus Christ. I do not think you have to understand the bible like a religious science student to have faith in Jesus Christ. Even just a few little lines of scripture is enough sometimes. One of my favorite is when Jesus was asked by the Apostles about a man that was preaching on the other side of town but obviously had something ‘wrong’, “should we stop him,” they asked? Jesus said, “no, for either they are with us against us.”
I suppose what I am trying to say here is perhaps look at the most important things. Since you believe in Jesus Christ I suspect you want to attend a church where other people share that belief, the rest is like icing on the cake. From a purely religious point of view, I suspect that God just would like you to be happy with the life you now have, anyway.
Thank you so much Deanhills and specially to you Bluedoll. You guys are good advisers and you point out what should i need to hear to enlighten my mind.

While i'm reading to the reply of deanhills, one questions quickly pop up on my mind, what about the concerns in my religion? Coz if I'm not mistaken in Roman Catholic, you have the freedom to choose whether your love ones has the not the same belief like yours unlike in Christians, you only have to choose only the person that belongs to the same group.

And yeah Bluedoll answer it. I was surprised and i never heard that words in quotation you said as:

One of my favorite is when Jesus was asked by the Apostles about a man that was preaching on the other side of town but obviously had something ‘wrong’, “should we stop him,” they asked? Jesus said, “no, for either they are with us against us.”

Your right guys, nothing will happen if will always point out the difference between of us since yeah right we believe in one God and if we really loved each other then religion should not be the barrier. But i have one remain question for Bluedoll, where can i read the quotation you said? Where i can find it in the Bible?

Thank you so much guys for all people replied!
I appreciate you guys and God Bless!
Mark 9:38-42 (21st Century King James Version)

38And John answered Him, saying, "Master, we saw one casting out devils in Thy name, but he followeth us not, so we forbad him because he followeth not us."

39But Jesus said, "Forbid him not, for there is no man who shall do a miracle in My name that can lightly speak evil of Me.

40For he that is not against us is on our side.

41For whosoever shall give you a cup of water to drink in My name, because ye belong to Christ, verily I say unto you, he shall not lose his reward.

42And whosoever shall cause one of these little ones that believe in Me to fall, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck and he were cast into the sea.
Thanks for sharing this wonderful bible verses. I learned something and it makes me comfortable and at peace while reading the verses you gave. Thanks again and God Bless!
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