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Packing an existing a site into another? Need Advice

So long before my Frihost days, I was running an Altered Art Magic Blog where it would show some interesting artwork of artists I'd come by. I'd get their permission to post some stuff and everything would be all well and good. I probably have the largest single and varied collection of altered art that is available on the web (~200 images now) and it has a pretty good PR. (I pretty dominate every image search for a specific card name on google) Of course one limitation is that I have to do all of the work of finding and posting all of the images myself and the comment system is not very robust. The visitors don't really get the feel of interactivity so I don't get very many submissions. I have to find them all myself (which isn't too bad I guess)

I'm starting a forum where users trade objects online and it should have a discussion section for each type of item. Magic is one of them, so theoretically I port the entire content of the blog onto my forum. This would let people post their work directly to the site, eliminating the middle man.

The questions are:

1. What happens to the images that are already page ranked in Google? If I delete the site, then they'd disappear.

2. My blog is really Keyword dense and I'm not certain I could make a forum post as keyword dense as a blog since I control the HTML for alt tags and the like. I think each card name appears on its respective page 3-4 times, whereas we might get lucky to get it lucky on 2 times in one page.

3. I heard that 3 way linking is good. Another possibility is to do the whole forum thing and use the forum as a method of getting content for the Blog and then I manually update the blog to reflect the new content. I'd control the Keyword density and the blog could serve as a satellite location to attract visitors. The great PR is already in place and I can dofollow link over to my Forum to generate a little traffic over there.

Anyone have any input?
If I were you I would have not touched the blog and rather used the blog to promote my new forum.
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