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Does anyone here trade online?

Anyone here trade online?

I trade a lot of things : video games, Magic: The Gathering cards, antiques, coins and jewelry. Pretty much I 'm willing to swap any of my hobbies with other people online.

I've been trading online for about 8 years now, mostly on smaller sites but sometimes on ebay. I don't really like ebay since it's complicated and there's no room to haggle with people. There's always someone who outbids you on those sites and everything is so anonymous.
I am a member of swapsimple. I swap books, movies and such. You get credits though and don't necessarily trade directly. It works out well for more expensive books, all you pay is shipping a credits. Cheap books you might as well buy on Amazon for a penny and pay shipping, because you still lose a decent amount of credits. Do you do direct trades with like other people on forums or something or is it through another website?
I have been using other forums, but they each have a niche topic and they don't easily allow crossover and mixture between the niches. For example, it's almost impossible to trade collectible cards for coins even though many people would be willing to do such trades since the sites that cater to one of the topics do not really have a good way of representing the other. No matter what, you're on the outside trying to get a trade done and it's just too much work rather than just listing whatever you're looking to sell in the respective sections.

I also noticed that many of the existing sites for certain fields did not have a feedback tracking system, leading to awkward "who sends first moments". Without a feedback system, it's easy for people to get ripped off. I created a very nice one for the site.

Finally, I was just tired of listing fees and closing fees. While it's nice for the company, it's pretty terrible for the buyer and the seller. No one wants to pay for the privilege of selling something when theoretically all you need to do is find a buyer. Forums are great way to do that while building a community. (Another thing missing from many exchange sites)
I trade every once and a while. But only when I need something
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