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I love 2 people & its about time i choose one for good!

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Hi, Am 20 and female. I'm stuck between two people, we will call one B & L. I have had a realationship with both, First i was dating L then B , L for 10months then B for 10 months. then L then B then L now B :/ I keep making a decision to stick with one and i never do, this has been going on forever.

I love them both for different reasons. B is adventurous and is 100% a positive person, and i can see an exciting life. L is most like me, indecisive, wants family and marriage, but has a tendence to betray my trust. I keep swapping back and forth between one and the other, and I cant decide. I cry over both, i cant bare to see either with someone else. L's family and I dont get on, B's family and I do. B lives 3hours away or 1hour away depending on time of year. L lives 20mins away. Each time I end things on either side, they both still want to be with me.

There is loads more that I could say, up until the last 10 months I thought loving two people equally but for different reasons was impossible but now its impossible for me too choose. I cant leave both either.
Please help thanks

p.s ( they dislike each other, from the first 10 month relationships, but dont know i have continued to flick back and forth and that i love them both) although i think they have and idea i love them both)
Honestly, if you're asking on a forum to help you pick a person, you're not really ready to handle something like this. I'm suprised they are even willing to deal with this anymore. If you broke up with me and went to someone else, then came back, pulled the same crap again and ended up with the same person again, we wouldn't be having this conversation.
I think you love neither of them and I would suggest that you let them both go!

Think about the future, something happens and you get angry! What will be the first thing you tell yourself? That's point one.

Point two (specially for L): L is indecisive just like you, who will make decisions for you later on? Moreover, he often betrays your trust!

Point three: They have an idea, and there's a possibility that they are both playing you or else how come they don't like each other and remain silent while you roam with the other for 10 months?!

If you take only point two into consideration, then the vote goes for B. But again, I would recommend to forget about them both if you like a stable life without the past popping every now and then back into your life.
I agree with TrueFact. You broke up with both of them for different reasons, getting back together with one of them will only bring back the same routine. You'll choose one person and then think twice and choose that the other one is better.

You're a bit like me, I was in a pretty unhealthy relationship and I kept getting back with them all the time but kept breaking up because of my selfish indecisions and now they hate me forever. Stop going out with either of them if you don't want to lose anything. You've put them both in enough pain and misery, just start afresh with someone new. You're still 20 and you have plenty of time before you need to settle down with someone. Don't lose someone you were close to forever, like me. I'll never get them back and I'll never be friends with them again. He even hates me.

My best advice is just to leave it altogether because the same routine will happen again, and I think you have a hunch at the back of your head that says it will. Just start afresh....
First of all..behah..i dont think you have been in real love..when you are in real love you will never be able to think of another or life with i suggest you dumb em both and decide to get on until you find smn u really love..i mean you're telling us to make a decision by taking into consideration the distance between your houses , parents.etc i mean get real!!! All these things doesnt matter...when u love smn for real..
behah wrote:
p.s ( they dislike each other, from the first 10 month relationships, but dont know i have continued to flick back and forth and that i love them both) although i think they have and idea i love them both)
If they do find out, it's probably going to boomerang on you and then some. For me your story is just another illustration of how having a relationship with two people at the same time just can't work out indefinitely. Sooner or later it gets to bite you in the butt. I'd rather start with a clean slate if I were you, but get to look at yourself honestly first. Perhaps you need to be completely honest with the two guys too. But honesty with yourself is probably the most crucial part. As you seem to be living in a world that is not completely open and real. The longer you stay in it, the more destructive it will become for you and the people you are involved with.
hmmm, B has a nice ring to it, it has a couple of big bouncy curves that make you wanna go all T, also it looks like a girl that has strong opinions as she wants to, desires and fights to BE!

L, oh it has another nice ring ELLE, so lovely and feminine, tender, she's got a weird triangle going on but hey, she is just half through being your other half of a rectangle!
first of all cant love 2 people okay...if you think you do, hell then its not real..just hear you talkin to yourself.. god..
First of all, be honest with both of them about your indecision. It probably won't help your relationship with either of them, but it's a bit much to accuse 'L' of betraying you if you're not telling them about this kind of a major issue. And if it does drive only one away, well, there's your answer. Razz
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