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Want Feedback and New Users for Buy/Sell/Trade Site!


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I noticed that there wasn't a very forum for people to buy, sell, and trade their stuff across the country (or world even) without getting gouged by listing fees, closing fees and the like. Potentially even worse, those sites that exist already don't really have a discussion aspect to really delve into those topics.

I made my siteto help meet that cause. I've been trading online for about 8 years now so I have a pretty experience with this sort of thing.

One of the cool parts of the site is that I have a mod that keeps track of the trades people do and helps to reward good traders. Implementing the mod on my style was a little bit tricky because I had to do a lot of the work manually. Each member's feedback is displayed everywhere they post, and each miniprofile has a link to the feedback comments left by other traders. I could use some Beta Testers to wander around the site and see if they can ID any bugs.

Can I get your thoughts on this? I'm going to expand the topics as the site gets larger but for now I want to avoid the "fish in an Olympic pool" issue by having too many sections at once.
I know this isn't popular but I could really use your guys' help!
Ghost Rider103
Though you have a nice idea, I see a bit of an issue.

One, the subject itself isn't very popular. You aren't going to find many clients that trade things across the country. So this will already limit your client base.

Two, all you seem to have set up is a forum. I personally have never seen a successful business start up by using only a forum system. Look at company's like Ebay and others that would be considered your competitors. They don't even have a forum and for very good reasons.

In my opinion, you need a lot more than just a forum to get anywhere. I'm in the web design business myself, and I've seen hundreds of websites start up with only forums and I've never seen one succeed.

I'm ruling out places like Frihost, because they obviously are not in the business to make money. Not to mention even Frihost has more than just a forum. It's just more professional to have a home page.

No offense is meant him, I'm just letting you know what I think from my past experience.

Good luck though!
Like GhostRider said, it is best to have some sort of a homepage where you write a bit about the website, what is the website for? what can you do? why you should register? (something like "we have over a dozen traders, willing to trade their coins with you, sign up", or something like that Razz ).

I think that there is probably a market out there, at least enough to make an active forum with traders and such but you just have to find them, or they have to find you through advertising and such.

Ghost Rider103
Yes, that is another good point. When I first visit your forum (if I didn't read this thread) I would have no clue what your forums are for.

Not to say your website will fail, I'm just saying I think you will have less of a chance in succeeding if you only have a forum.

But here is a tip from Bondings that may be useful for you:
A tip, you can create some users yourself and use them to ask some interesting questions related to your niche that you can answer yourself or answer with another user. There is nothing wrong with this; it's even helpful to the users.
Thanks, guys. The homepage would be a good idea, but for the most part my "competition" is dominated by essentially "forum-only" sites. Those sites may have a very small landing page, but they feed into the primary focus forum:

see Magictraders(dot)com or MTGSalvation(dot)com

Small landing page (MTG salvation has a bit more content on it, but okay)

Then for the metal detecting sites:


I like the idea of communicating more clearly what the site is about.
Bump for new feedback and looking for new members. Have something you wanted to sell on ebay? Post it on here and sell it for free!
As a first visitor, all the information I get about your website is the subtitle "Buy, Sell, & Trade Stuff for FREE!" and if I want extra information about what I can trade and how it works, I have to click and search for information (which is not good). That kind of info should be right available or after one click in a menubar because not all guests want to search (why search if there thousands of other websites with the same search keywords on Google, easiest thing is to hit the backspace button.)

So like GhostRider103 and myself have already said, you should make a landing page with information about the process, the website, the community and then lead them to your forum for the actual business. Smile

Having 150 members isn't bad though. Smile

I added a section for "What is..." to the site. I don't want to add a landing page since it ultimately would take away from the marketplace community of the site. I imagine most people will be finding the site via a single page listed on CL or an ebay search or something.
I think adding a "what is" section was the right thing to do because people do want to know further information usually. I can also understand your concern about adding a landing page I would do the same.
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