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Okay what should I do.

I used to meet this girl where I work. Afters months of smiling and looking at each other she gave me her number. I liked her very much and if I was not mistaken she did too.
While talking she used to give me those signals and unconsciously , I didn't really acted on.
So basically I was being a arrogant ass , even though I liked her. Maybe she got irritated with that or something.
This is where it gets weird .
One morning she texts me and asks me if I wanted to buy some concert tickets from her .
I knew she was lying but I didn't cared about the money, so I gave her the money.
I felt she used me, maybe she had some problems moneywise.
Then everything stopped, she stopped coming to my work, no texts nothing.
But after 20 days I texted her asking if she was okay. ( u alive?) then I got a reply(5days) later she was fine . She even said she was out of the country.we talked about couple of mins, then I said goodnight.
After a week I ran into her on a mall. Now she was worried, all red and scared.
I asked her how are and she said she was okay. I didn't asked her about the money, then she bought it herself and said she will get me my tickets. She was all worried.
Now the real deal here is, she got me or maybe she has some real money problems.
But I like this girl very much. I am really confused
. Thank you for all your replies
giving a new date money is not a good move. Buy her dinner, treat her to a movie, sure, but no cash.
I can't say for sure much about her, but I would say that this looks like a relationship to avoid.
Sounds to me like you 2 are communicating without words. I would suggest saying you bought the tickets because you wanted too not because you felt pity or it was a loan. If you do not feel that way, do not spend your money perhaps even if asked.

Ok, now get on with it - done.

You like her - what do you need to do about it?

Is this the end of the story?

Up to you.
I get the feeling you already have doubts about the situation, so probably you need to pay attention to those. You may already know something that could potentially not be good in the situation, but seem to be dancing towards it like a moth to a flame? Surely there must be other women around you that are much easier to get to know? So why are you choosing the one that could potentially create the greater havoc in your life?
Dude, don't be a chump. You're an easy mark to string along. This is only a hint of things to come if you continue to fantasize about having a relationship with her. Your initial logical sense of playing it cool with her was a good move. Keep listening to the head on your shoulders about how to proceed with her.

The lesson here is that if someone really wants to be with you, they will be with you.
If all things you mentioned are correct well based from by analysis, from the start, the subject was money. Why don't you try to do some tricks to point out what's on her and what she really wants.

Sometimes it is very hard to change the pace of our suspicion especially the way we judge people at first. Try the other side, other point of view, coz if you really like her, you will do something that you say "OMG, this girl so sweet!"...

Try to asked her for a date, snacks, coffee, or whatever you prefer, the main important here and your objective, is to know her deep inside. If you really don't care for the money, then don't think of it. But of course don't be such a dumb ass that you already figure out what's her attention but still you do nothing to it. Smile
Yeah, to be honest it just sounds like she used you. If I were you I'd try to avoid this relationship.
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