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Blender art

Just wanted to post some stuff i've made in blender since i've gotten started:

First my most recent work i did in it a chair:

Then the first thing i did, stairs:
Looks good! Smile

The chair looks like it couldn't stand up on those legs, to me. Try making it slightly thicker. And try lighting up the stairs a bit.

I do some work with Blender as well Check out the thread in my sig. Smile
Thanks!(i'll try those tips in a bit)

Anyone got any tips for what i should do next?
Have you tried the Blender Noob to Pro Wiki? And the BlenderArtist forums?

I've got a really long list of tutorials I've gathered over two years and bookmarked. If I find a way to export them I'll try posting it here.
Well yea i actually have but blender cookie is the best! I'm actually working a coca-cola bottle, and will try to post in the next couple fo days may be postponed, i don't really know...Exams are coming up for Tues-Fri. With friday i'll be doing some serious work, we get out at 1pm

Just saw your Blender Works.. Himm that must be a great tool. I think it does animations too. Do you think its possible to do animated industrials tutorial with Blender.

thank you..
Depends on how you search it up, lately i've let my learning of blender fall off on the wayside but plan on picking it back up soon once i learn some development and finish some more touches on my website that i've been thinking of doing like a mobile version of it(if only i could drum up a community on the site despite the few bugs and failures of it)
sounds good, but i did not see the pictures, my problem?
Um i think that one may be your fault, unless ff6 is only able to see it because the pictures i listed are perfectly availible to me
Has anyone tried uv mapping? I could need some tutorials here. It's been a long time since I used blender. I'm not sure if I could still remember much especially on rigging bones.
Nope, i barely even know what that is, I still have to learn blender more so than i far as I know blender cookie is one of the best tutorial site for the software out there so try that Wink (and i'm going to go back and learn some stuff my self some time in the future)
Yes the site looks good. I'm sticking it to my bookmarks.

You should try rigging bones and uv mapping soon so you could start animating a character. I'm sure you can find some crash courses/tutorials how to design a character using blender. It's a lot more fun than just designing chairs and stairs. And it's not that difficult either, you just have to memorize the steps.

UV mapping by the way is mapping your 3D object to 2D so you can edit the 2D to put texture on your 3D model. For example, you're designing a human. You can map the human model's surfaces to a 2D image format. Then use image editing such as gimp to design the details of the texture you want to apply to your model.

Rigging bones is not difficult either. You create a root bone and create more bones from it to make a human skeleton. Then you can attach your human model to your skeleton and start creating animation keys using those bones.

I should be giving you references now but it was on my other hard drive which got broken. I might post a tutorial on my site. I'll post the link right here if I'm able to do that. Or you can also find some tutorials online:How to design, animate, texture characters using blender. There's probably tons. You can start in blender cookie. Wink

Maybe my suggestions can motivate you to learn more about blender. Wink
Well i keep meaning to learn it(and c++ plus a few other things) but i always seem to get sidetracked by all the work i have to do for school and such....hopefully the time i have soon will lead to me learning alot of what i've put off or not worked on very much XD
hey thats awesome. nice work
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