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Release Date: 9/13/2011
Platforms: PC, PS3, XB360
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Developer: id Software
Genres: First-person shooter, Sandbox, Racing video game
Mode: Single-player, Multiplayer

At the end of the World, a few survivors must fend for their lives and a chance at survival for the human race.


The user plays as a member from an Ark (a world-wide movement which took scientists and other significant people, and froze them underground in cryo-pods so they could rebuild Earth) but then the player comes to realize that his Ark has malfunctioned and that he is the only survivor. Apparently this environment is perfectly suited to the rough-and-tumble dune buggy racing seen in games like MotorStorm, as that sort of gameplay will be an important feature of Rage. Players will have the ability to augment their cars with various items and upgrades they can gain by completing races, but the game is not specifically a racing title, as available trailers of the game have shown some first-person shooter content as well. -Wikipedia

More gameplay:

Rage will also feature some role-playing game (RPG) elements—an inventory system and the capabilities of weapons will be based around types of ammo. Players will also have the option to customize their weapons. There will also be side missions. More on the RPG elements have not been detailed. At E3, Tim Willits stated that at the game's core is a first person shooter with car-combat added in and without the racing being the sole and central focal point. The game will be set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland created by an asteroid impact. The world will be populated by the human survivors of the impact who were preserved from the asteroid by being buried in the Arks. The world will also be populated by mutants who will serve as the player's main enemies at least for the first half of the game, as id is currently talking of a major change at the midway point of the game. -Wikipedia


Rage has two multiplayer modes: Combat Rally and Legends of the Wasteland. In Combat Rally, up to six players compete in a free-for-all match that takes place in an arena designed to make use of the vehicles. The objective is to collect rally points that appear around the arena while killing your opponents and stealing their points. Legends of the Wasteland is a series of two-player bonus co-op missions based on stories that you hear about as you play the single player campaign. -Wikipedia

Read more at the wiki, there's tons to know about Rage.

This game looks really sweet. I'm really glad there are starting to be ads out there to get people hyped up about it! I was starting to get kind of bummed since none of my friends knew anything about it. That's gonna change!
When I first heard about the game (I think Carmack talked about it and that the megatexturing feature of Tech5 will be fully used in this tittle first), but I wasn't really interested in it, to be true I tought a "close to sandbox" open gameplay is too far from ID's earlier works.
Since that the picture about the game has became more clear and as the info and videos coming in, it gets to be more and more of an anticipated title for me. Smile
The E3 presentation was really good too.
Anyone play yet? On PC?
As you all know if you have played it on PC.. you are having the worst of luck, as id Software have betrayed us all as a "PC Game Developer" to bring us a poorly optimized game. It's also ATI/AMD's fault for having bad drivers.. and reports of Nvidia as well. But there are always fixes and patches, so in time these will all be corrected. Like going to: <<-there they have several good fixes that even repaired my game, so give that a shot.

Other than that, the game is pretty awesome, it's fun and I've never seen such well displayed NPCs as these..definitely the greatest face/lip syncing, it's funny to see their eyebrows move after saying a funny remark or something. And the game looks exactly like those screenshots above, it really does look that good.
GoldenEagle wrote:
This game looks really sweet. I'm really glad there are starting to be ads out there to get people hyped up about it! I was starting to get kind of bummed since none of my friends knew anything about it. That's gonna change!

Thats funny, since most of my friends were looking forward to two games this year skyrim and Rage.
Well I beat the game, it was a pretty decent game besides the fact it's 20gbs.. the ending was abrupt, there was a mission I had 'completed' but couldn't go to the guy (Redstone) to fully complete it so it was left there to hang. And the entire game is just straight forward, didn't matter what you did or who you talked to it was going to be played out the same way every time. That's fine and all but this is not what I was expecting from what they were saying before. It's listed as a semi-open world haha.. that's good. And no need to mention the failure to deliver an optimized game for PC.. that is apparent.


So, anyone else play?
Yeah, that definitely doesn't meet "open world" criteria. Is there any post-game content?
I actually haven't played this game yet, but when I saw the gameplay videos and livestreams it makes me want to buy it.
environment is pretty impressive
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