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Can 10GB Monthly Transfer support a Forum?

Hi everyone,

I'm looking to support a forum on the free hosting and domain this site provides and I was wondering if the 250MB storage and the 10GB monthly transfer could support a good sized forum. Has anyone supported a forum on these limitations? Are there any deal-breakers in doing something like this using this service?

you have 250MB space.

you use ridiculously buggy forum that will take up 150MB of space. that will leave about 100MB for posts.

your forums users are all ridiculous forum ****** who post a hundred pages post. of course you didn't allow any attachment so they all have to put their ugly photos and useless junks on other file hosting. a hundred pages is about 2500 characters per page x 100, which is 250000 characters, and since your forum is ridiculously buggy, it will add another useless tags which end up as 100000 characters. so every post is about 350kB. lets round it up to 500kB. easy on the eyes. so your users can post about 2000 times before you use up your 100MB free space. and now that frihost is giving 500MB, they can post 7000 times!!!!

now for your traffic.

your forums is 150MB. no, wait! since frihost is giving you 500MB now, you upgrade to a more ridiculously buggy forum that will filled up 300MB of your hosting. why not? double the space, double the usage. lets work efficiently!

your ridiculously inefficient forum will transfer roughly the whole 300MB every time people access your forum. and your user will post 500kB. so every time your user access and post, they will use 3.5MB of your traffic. ok, make it 5MB.

so they can access 5000 times before they see the "exceed quota" page.

enough space? enough traffic?

if you don't use a ridiculous forum, don't have a ridiculous users and you yourself is not ridiculous, like GMail tagline: you'll never need to delete another message.
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