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What sales softness "in marketing mean and who are thei

What sales softness "in marketing mean and who are their tools?
It could also be an online marketing term. I have no idea. Please help!
From what I understand the hard sell a term that could be regarded as ultimatum selling. “If you do not accept this scientific method you must be dumb” is an example of a hard sell. The buyer is put in the position of buying or facing a penalty of some kind, in this case humilation.

The soft sell is smoother. “I like your nails but they would look even more attractive with a very cool design on them” might be considered a soft sell I suppose as it is inviting and not just focused on the sale.

Marketing though connected with selling is not necessary identical. Do you have any free samples?
I think we just tripped across a subject that Bluedoll is good at. I had no idea you were in marketing, and from the sounds of it you are employed in marketing.

Hard and Soft sale can be just like the following statements, which don't include the customer's feelings on the subject. For instance....

Selling a refrigerator to an Eskimo is a "hard sell" because the Eskimo doesn't need the refrigerator.

Selling a refrigerator to a pacific islander is a "soft sell" because the pacific islander needs a way to keep ice.

That's the definition that I feel is most popular, but, of course, marketers undoubtedly further refine the terms.
IceCreamTruck wrote:
I think we just tripped across a subject that Bluedoll is good at.
Who is we? Are you like schiz·o·phren·ic ? Laughing
Sales softness is a term generally used to indicate sales numbers below that expected.
Thus if the Apple Ipad suddenly sold only half the expected number next month, it would be said that 'ipad sales were showing softness in June'.
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