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Find all backlinks with new tools by

The new tool for backlinks analysis is available at since march 2011. It provides lots of useful backlinks statistics for your and your competitors' (or everyone else's) sites.
Distinguishing feature of this tool is an independent database refreshed in realtime (circa 6 billion external and 25 billion internal links added each day). uses custom crawler to fill this database and is not affiliated with other search engines or similar services.
You're welcome to try new possibilities on any URLs you are interested in! provides several free and paid service offers depending on the depth of information being analyzed.

Here is a new great feature by! Ahrefs Top ordering the most significant internet-projects by their referring IP's quantity! Who is the first million of Internet by objective criteria of referring popularity? Monitor them at !
Here comes a new possibility of importing data from Site Explorer into the CSV and Excel formats. It allows saving data on your computer for further analysis.
For subscribed users there appeared a new type of report - Raw Export Report. It enables exporting up to 5 million links for any domains. Users with Starter Subscription may export 1 million links, those with Standard Subscription - 5 million links every month over a subscription period.
New free option is in the pipeline - trial usage of all paid services. You can build 3 standard reports for 500 links for any domain (not necessarily yours) for free, as well as to export 10000 links through rawexport. These limits are enough to analyse the efficiency of reports and export functioning. If you like the result you get and want more info, you may subscribe and get considerably higher limits.
bhatnagarashish is also the fast and good tool for checking the backlinks of a website.
Cool .... your site is superb, provides good statistics of any website. We can also use it for tracking competitors backlinks. Awesome...thanks for creating such a wonderful tool.
We've been planning to launch API in the end of August, but already now we get many letters with API request and in connection with the fact that Yahoo Site Explorer API is going to be shut down, we've decided to launch version 0.1, which may be used right now.

Current API version enables: see links on the indicated domain, directory or URL see info about pages on a domain or in a directory

More advanced options will come, as promised, in August. To read more about API 0.1, follow this link -
We've lowered prices for our API usage. Now its opportunities are easily widened according to your requests; our immense data amount makes it possible to offer different samplings on its base. If Yahoo Site Explorer shutting down is a problem for you, we advise you have a look at our service.
it would certainly be easier to read if had joined all of the posts together
New cool feature from Ahrefs: from now on it is possible to find out what keywords make any site site appear in Google, Bing or Yahoo SERPs -
I have tested it. Its great
With the recent launch of SERP database analysis Ahrefs has become "two in one" project. SERP's database uses about 45 mln keywords. It contains 9 databases of keywords for different countries. Only those keywords, which are searched for more than 30 times a month, are included into this database, thus only important info is given, without unnecessary garbage reports.

First 100 positions in a SERP are being analysed. This makes it possible to see popular keywords, by which site appears in SERPs and which don't bring traffic so far, thus they couldn't be observed by other means. This makes it possible to see popular keywords, by which site appears in SERPs and which don't bring traffic so far, thus they couldn't be observed by other means. And knowing these keywords it would be possible to get better position in SERPs with a wet finger. This option is really vital in doing SEO for a site.

The database is partially updated every day, full update cycle completes in 10 days. Thanks to that fact it is possible to observe dynamics of site ranking in search engines. New "Daily Stats" report shows everyday changes for a site:

1. number of new keywords by which site appeared in SERPs
2. by how many keywords site disappeared from SERPs (top 100)
3. by how many keywords site moved up in SERPs
4. by how many keywords site moved down in SERPs
5. number of positions lost by all keywords
6. number of positions gained by all keywords
7. ranking change (ranking or rating is the value of month search engines' traffic)
8. changes of this traffic price (rating*average bid in PPC).

Daily Stats makes it possible to observe all changes with the help of graphics. Directly from Daily Stats just with one click one can see new keywords, lost keywords, SERP positions up or down (!!!) Position Analysis shows by which keywords and at what place specified domain or URL is found. One can see data from 9 different countries.

Export to CSV is also enabled. Ads Analysis is another section, where one can see by which keywords specified site or URL has its ads in Google or Bing.
We've made complete update of Site Explorer and switched it to our new index.

Main improvements are:
1. More qualitative rating. From now on Ahrefs rating is the number of visitors estimated value. Unlike other similar services we consider both: links graph and SERPs. More details are coming soon.
2. Speed. New version answers the requests almost momentarily.
3. Index update frequency - each 30 minutes (48 times per 24 hours).
4. An option to see newly appeared/disappeared links. It is to be noted, when we firstly index some page, we don't consider all links from this page new. New are those links, which didn't exist before, but now appeared. More detailed explanation coming soon.
5. Crawler inventiveness. Crawler uses our rating to determine which pages to download. Pages with low rating are omitted, and those with higher rating are visited more often.
6. An option to get links from a specified domain or links with a specified anchor.
Is this software free or we have to pay for using this?
bhatnagarashish wrote: is also the fast and good tool for checking the backlinks of a website.

That was nice site you shared for back links checking. I previously checking on SEO quake which was quite lengthy process and hectic too.
Ahrefs API now offers adding its parameters to your SeoQuake toolbar. Number of links, referring domains and IPs are now at hand with just a couple of clicks - .
shopperpk is also a good tool for checking back links of your websites. Is there any tool of making back links of your website.
Hmmm I have checked it. Its very nice
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