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no easy

how can one tell a partner that he/she is hiv posite?
Would asking him/her directly can't help?

I think it is best suited if ever that you guys get a blood test. I mean consulting your nearest doctor i think is still the best way to do that. Other than that there are no noticeable or outright effect.
if HIV occur before you commit to your partner a relationship, that would be easy, but if you commit during relationship that would be hard.

How can you explain to your partner that you got HIV during relationship. It is very hard to explain from the start since we all know that having sex with different people is the source of HIV.

I advice that if that is the case, well then just be honest, accept your mistake and start a brand new life. It would not be easy, but that is the safer way to do it. Smile
Matter of fact honesty is absolutely the only way, and is the only way that should be considered.
The earlier, the better, too, imo.
I believe it is necessary to tell them straight up. There are many moral obligations to do so and if this person does not approve then do you really want them as your partner? It's definitely something to think about.
If someone is HIV/Aids positive, it is a criminal offense NOT to tell the potential sexual partner. If someone you are active with IS HIV/Aids positive, and hasn't told you, that is right up there with fraud, rape, and murder for serious offense. If you contract the disease, you can sue them for all they are worth and have them charged (and I would recommend doing so, too, to help stop the spread.
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