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How to become successful businessman?

How to become successful businessman?
You have become relatively stable in your work. You are already in place for your company. Now you're ready to start their own business. But what we really want to be a successful entrepreneur? Some features, and enthusiastic spirit, your business becomes a money-making machine.
Make your business to know exactly what are the goals you have for your company. This requires a well thought out plan to ensure success.
Is determined to succeed. In general, people who overcome adversity and persevere are the most effective.
To promote and advertise effectively. It 'important to advertise and promote yourself the best you can help build a customer base.
Invest wisely in your business. Keep track of how you use the promotional ads, utilities and other office supplies.
I think this excerpt came form the leap to Entrepreneurship. But i do agree, you can't really invest into something without proper knowledge of the business itself. Saying that we invest wisely is easy, i think what one needs is a list of practical steps with which we could eventually adhere into so we would at least have a good grasp of knowing the business itself.
Step 1-
Don't spend your life on the computer spending your whole day on forums
coolclay wrote:
Step 1-
Don't spend your life on the computer spending your whole day on forums

This is most certainly not true. The secret is to be spending your time on the rights forums. Spending your time on here to maintain your hosting that allows you to do the business you're looking to do is a very good thing. It really depends on what you have going on.
It is important to know how much time that is required to finish a task.

And before performing the task, you know it clearly that what you want to achieve in this task in that amount of time.
Have a solid educational background in Ecomomics, have a decent amount of human insight, be assertive, learn from the past (your own faults and those of others).

And you are good to go. Smile

coolclay wrote:
Step 1-
Don't spend your life on the computer spending your whole day on forums

I agree with having well thought out logical, clear and realistic goals. A lot of research goes into setting up businesses but in the end it is always the customer base that makes the business so goals need to reflect on that.
Another important trait is the ability to resolve conflict. Many times you're going to be in a situation where you're interacting with another party who may have their own interests in mind while you're obviously trying to push your own agenda. Being able to resolve this conflict is a really good thing and will lead to better results.
coolclay wrote:
Step 1-
Don't spend your life on the computer spending your whole day on forums
Excellent advice, I've been bashing my head to find ideas for a business Website, but spending less time with forums will probably bring more solutions on that score as well. Very Happy
mclarke wrote:
This is not true. The secret is to spend your time on the Rights of the forums. Spend your time here to keep your accommodation that allows you to do the business you're looking to do is a very good thing. It really depends on what is happening.
Not sure what you mean? How does spending time on a forum allow you to do business?
My forum (does/will) allow people to sell items online to other members without any listing fees or closing fees. (Ie. you can sell as much as you like without any penalty). I make my extra money (I'm a full time engineer) by buying and selling objects online.
i believe having a well thought out plan is good enough to start a business.
with this out of the way then you can investigate and find out if its a business that's ongoing and how it was done.
being realistic and practical will help also.
and ensuring that the business will benefit people.
above all love what you want to do otherwise its a waste of time
Do you believe that a "proper" education is "essential" to becoming a successful businessman?
status wrote:
Do you believe that a "proper" education is "essential" to becoming a successful businessman?

i certainly agree...knowledge is the key to become a successful businessman. one has to be appropriate in setting up a business and ready to take some risks on it...although, there are some successful businessman that doesn't finished their school but they do work so hard in order to reach their goals and dreams...
How to become successful businessman, there are ways and pracitices that successfull businessmen do. they varify from good practices to bad taxes, you might be seeking good practices for successful businessmen so i come to point.
well to be honest it is complete mix of a lot of things, hardwork, devotion, committment, persistance to your work, luck, money, nice (sincere, honest, intelligent) good team around you to help you out. At times you feel low, there is someone around u how might have nothing to do with ur business or ur career but he/she comes n cheers u up and change your mode from demotivated n frustrated person to motivated, hopeful and relaxed and calm businessman and fill you with new energies and thus prepare you for next move. so everything counts from people and the factors from within ur organizations to outside enviroment. Now i discuss in detail all factors necessery.
Persistance: it is improtant for any business men who keeps his mind focused and do no scattered with initial loses or initial setbacks, nothing here in this word happen as we do human plan, only God is best planer and whatever he plans happens only and we are not god. so stay persistant when u enter in ur career or business. keep trying with time you ll learn more staying in 1 business or instead packing 1 business and planning for another venture this is no gona help u. once u r the master of ur trade you can do anything. so give proper time and enough time before you decide to packup.
team: one had to realize that he/she cant be best in everything and he/she will need team, so team is important and it is important to have team with qualities like honest, sincere, trusthworthy, hardworking, so it also is upto you how good are u in making teams, how good r u to making ur trusthworthy employee, so ur individuals skils too counts
smart moves: manay ppl spent a lot thinking that the more they invest they ll get returns sooner. it is not the hard n fast rule. one has to be smart enough knwoing and undertanding nature of business nature of market, the are where is trying to invest, the product the audiince the customer everything. government policies. supply demand ratio.
i think enough for today. for me information contact me
I think it's also important to do well in SNS circles.
Just do like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates did.

Just start small, but be devoted to what you do (it'll be better if you like what you do, that's why they became successful).

If you are really devoted on what you do, your business will grow, little by little, step by step you will become bigger and stronger and one day you will be recognized all over the world.
I think it's also important to do well in SNS circles.

What's that?
To start a business doesn't need much. But to be successful it needs most of all: You need to WORK hard!
i think own a good attitude is important and don't give up no matter how hard it is.
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