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Need Comment for new developing site

My Temporary Site
I made a Temporary Site for publish my app for android.
Rate it.
Thanks in advance.

New Link:
very simple, but all whats needed is in there
good design but less contents
This is a temporary site so contains less content.
Going to make good Flash Website.
Thanks For your comments.
simple and cute
Thanks for your comment.
Now only building website with the help of HTML,Flash and CSS.
I think 50% completed.
Only content need to be update.
Check this site:
Comment it.
It's nice and easy especially for smart phone, just waiting for the contents.

Good luck.

Updated the content except Coding and Flash Section.
Ghost Rider103
Very cool. The design could use a bit of work, but that's just the designer in me being picky. Razz

Many developers out there frown upon websites being developed in Flash. I know there are a lot of SEO issues with it, but aside from that, flash can do some amazing things and some of my most favorite web designs are done in flash.

I've never given myself the opportunity to fully learn flash. Is it difficult to learn how to design websites using flash?
Thanks for your review.
I made some flash website due to SEO i deleted it.
But i like flash very much.

Going to add some design.
Ghost Rider103
Very cool.

Perhaps you should put a copyright in the footer?

Also, do you think it is necessary to have a visitor counter visible to everyone on your website? I don't mean this to be offensive, but your viewers probably don't really care how many hits you are getting. It's good for you to know, but I don't think it should be something so visible to your visitors.

Just something for you think about. Less is more.
Yeah that is correct.
Good to remove Visitor counter.
Then going to add copyright in the footer.

Do you think my website have less content in home page?
Ghost Rider103
Well I would say you would be ok adding a little more content to the home page.

You say that it's for publishing your codes. Perhaps you could elaborate a bit more on what exactly it is you're publishing. What do your codes do? Or what sort of niche are they for? (i.e. Android apps for local weather, music players, etc.).

Don't over do it though. Less is more, as I'm sure you've heard before. If you have too much content on your home page, I wouldn't read all of it.
Ok,I will add it soon.

Copyright is added with the help of creative commons.
Background colour changed to black.
Website Updated:

New Background image updated.
What you think about this?

Some Layout fixed.
Some more content added.
Ghost Rider103
Getting a little better.

The background image helps in adding a bit of contrast.

I'm honestly not too impressed with the content on the home page. No offense here, I'm just telling you what I think so hopefully you can improve for your other visitors.
Now i have only few content.
I added it all to my page.
Then what should i add to homepage?
the website is quite unusual,but interesting.
unusual means?
This will help me to improve.
I visit your website its really cool. I want to create a website that looks exceedingly professional with little with no programming involved because, this website is part of an education and it is going to be for students. So, the students who are in charge will change during the years so it needs to have an extremely user friendly interface. Please give me your suggestions.

Web Design
i think for mobile site using flash is not good
and blinking text on footer also not good
I don't like moving left right, it is annoying . I will get sick of this. On site what you are linked slide show is not link to some other page. This is quite different from your site. Maybe changing color on mouse over for menu and shortcut will have more efficient to click on link then just moving left and right. Your images will look active and attractive.

Yeah my dad also said that.
I have no time to correct that.
Soon i will make it. Very Happy

Blinking text also stopped soon.
I'm going to make another mobile website soon for mobile user.
I want to program about Mobile application .
Really cool!! Very Happy
Thanks for your comments. Very Happy
simple and nice looking
keep it up
rajpk wrote:
simple and nice looking
keep it up

Thanks for your comment.
I agree that the left and right movements (on mouse-over being the exception) is annoying, makes your page look cheap and gimmicky, and I'm not really alone on the recommendation to keep blinking and static movement to a minimum as this is a web standard for browsing -- it's like coming to a page and having it blast music when you aren't expecting at work -- don't do that to people. Dynamic movement of page elements on page load can be fun, which is why most people like flash! Things on the page should come to a rest, however, so they are easy to read.

On the upside you have apps in the Android market so you can tell all the critics to buzz off, and pat yourself on the back for a job well done... many times over it looks like! They are all just jealous, like me, because we need to get our apps up on the market! Smile

Try fixing the images, removing the movement, and adding drop shadows so they pop like the images I just did on this page:

I have also employed a simple css hover effect on the background DIVs so there is further action when you mouse over the graphics! Feel free to play around with the concepts in xMPACT! PHP Image Viewer or to use the script on your site with your color scheme! Enjoy!
Thanks for your comment.
I'm planned to create a website from scratch.
Can you help me?
By answering this

I checked that link.
Thanks I'm going to add it on my new website.
Thanks for your comment.
I'm planned to create a website from scratch.
Can you help me?
By answering this

I checked that link.
Thanks I'm going to add it on my new website.
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