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Integrate wordpress into website theme 680+ Frih$+some coins

I have wordpress installed already, and I have my website already made. What I need is for my wordpress theme to be identical to my website theme, or even just integrated into my homepage ( in that first dark gray field where the facebook thing is.

The way I want it to operate is as follows: on the main page display the 3 most recent posts, and then have some means of accessing older posts. The 3 most recent on the main page should display only a partial (5 lines or so) view, and clicking the name of the post should lead to a new page that holds the same theme as my website. No comments, no sidebar (unless this is the only way you can make the navigation to older ones operate), just the simple blog integration.

Currently the only php operating on the pages is includes, so saving the page will give you the full HTML. I do not believe you will require FTP or wordpress access, however if you do please just let me know and I will create public accounts. If there is anything else you require, let me know.

EDIT: I have updated the amount of Frih$ I am offering. I will give whoever does this all of my Frih$ and coins. And since I am now somewhat active the amount just keeps slowly going up. Check out that awesome deal.
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