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What is the best hobby

What is the best hobby when you're super bored? What is the best hobby airbrush / compressor kit?
Play Tibia!
do you ever get love on listening to Radio stations
But best Hobby to play World of Warcraft game but this time i cant bacause this is my examination time Sad
Playing MMORPG's
That's really a creative question. I've never been asked what's my best hobby. They seem all equal to me. Very Happy
Selling stuff online on your very own site!
Just a general answer on hobbies. One that really interests you but you can walk away from if you are meeting obstacles that stop your enjoyment but still willing to go back to it at a later time and not necessarily because you are bored. A hobby has to be a personal choice. Example air-brush paint faces.
There is no best hobby the best hobby is what you like doing.
the best hobby of mine is the party, i love to arrange party at my house gathered friends and listening music, chit chat with them, etc.
My best hobby is to learn about new tech stuff, I like gadgets and new stuff!
maybe Paintball?
Console Games! Smile
AdamParore wrote:
the best hobby of mine is the party, i love to arrange party at my house gathered friends and listening music, chit chat with them, etc.

Yesssss this is a good past time, every weekend I stage big live events on radio (even before I had the stream, a studio is great for parties, big speakers and a sub bigger than the table this computer sits on... the nieghbours love it) then we hit the streets until 4ish, come back do a fry up, watch a film, go to bed. The best thing about living in the countryside is you get no trouble! The only people that get into trouble are the cocky ones... everyone is either related or knows each other lol, it's great for the social party vibe.

Oh and my personal favourite and full time 10 year hobby, music production.
When I am free I do many things, and many things to do. Mainly I watch films, listen radio stations. Other things I prefer to do is going to meet friends or call them to meet so we get together or going visit with them.
It used to be diving but right now I seem to be spending hours in front of a computer making posts. Well at least I can say it's beginning to bug a little, maybe one of these days I can gather enough self-discipline and reduce the hours of posting. Travel more.

Josso, I admire your hobby! Working with music has to have great rewards. If listening does that for me, I can imagine that producing something worthwhile must be the ultimate thrill.
Very Happy
Interesting question, but a bit subjective.
I think the best hobby that you would love to spend hours on should depend on the subject you like most.
Doing art such as drawing, oil or watercolor painting is good not only for the soul but also great for improving your concentration. Smile
sleep, water, sports. that's all
Everyone's hobby is the 'best' hobby. (As established early on in the thread.) I do model railroading which is often referred to as 'the greatest hobby', but truly the best hobby is the one that allows you to place your troubles on a back burner and simply do something you really enjoy.
Play Games. Very Happy
MMO's and PC Games.
and Browser Games.
Programming games would also be a great hobby. Very Happy
play mmorpg game Smile
walking at street alone. during walking you can breath fresh air and relax yourself.
GoldenEagle wrote:
Selling stuff online on your very own site!

yes, i totally agree that selling used stuffs online is the best hobby...aside from your hobby, you can make money on it.....
i think climb mountains is a good ways .during climb it maybe a little hard but when you reach to the top the feeling is very nice . fresh air、nice scenery etc. the mood would become very well.
there are many hobbies some of them are just to pass leisure time but the hobbies i have is not only to pass the leisure time but also they are productive one as my favorite hobbies are
Pets Keeping and Gardening.
The best hobby is one that you enjoy the most. It's as simple as that.
every one has the hobby according to its interest which is considered to be best for him, but hobby should be productive one. i have pets which is my favorite hobby also.
I think that picking up an instrument is a great hobby to have. I play guitar and drums, and it provides me with a great way to escape the usual daily routines. Making music is very relaxing and is also fun to do for others. It not only makes you feel good, but if you make it for someone else it makes them happy as well! So get an instrument and start learning! Very Happy
Best hobby when you're bored? That seems a bit contradictory to me. Hobbies are things you do for fun, not when you're bored.

Yeah, not sure how to answer that.
tenis it's my ...
Web designing Razz nothing can beat it [Smile]
my hobby is being a DJ! I like to do that more often for my own Internet radio station! Its really cool to do what you like and get paid in the process at least thats what i think!
Watching anime& playing games are my hobby
Easily best hobby is something goodfor you such as gym or playin a team sport. But I really guess it is up to self-preference.
Depends on definitions. I would say the best hobby is the one you get to do full time. So whatever you do for a living, if you enjoy it.
best hobby of mine which is collecting vintage muscle cars and now, i am restoring it and hopefully, it will be finished soon.... i am now collecting saltwater fish which my son loves it too. it makes my relief everytime i saw after the hard work of restoring my car....
i like play video game, reading book and play football. In my town, there are alot of man can play soccer very well. I am a memeber at Town Football Club. Smile
yes, there's a point - hobbies are rather not something you start doing, when you're bored, but you're rather not bored, when you have hobbies... hobbies are for me rather not just a way of passing time, but a matter of a sort of passion.
of course it always depends on one's own definition of the term.
also i agree on the point that a good hobbie has something productive, or some positive side effects apart from enjoying the action itself. such as some hobbies help you socializing or keep you fit, physically or mentally, while others leave you with a broke back and dumb eyes from sitting at the computer all day long...
My Best hobby is giving answers to the questions people put up here. To talk, share, discuss on the problems they have here.. reading their amazing views, enjoyin them and provide my every possible help if they need it.
that's it..
My hobbies are collecting rare snapbacks haha. i have over 4 dozens. I got raiders, lakers, nba, kush, tika, call of futy, elmo, sony, hawaii. And all those good stuff. i wear hats almost everyday! i could not go one day without wearing a hat so yeah its fun just my hobby i also collect chuck taylors.
my best hobby right now is restoring my vintage cars which has been stored for years already. aside from that, i have been very busy in our pigeon racing this coming october.
My best hobby is Book reading.
Watching documents. I love them.
My best hoby is having sex, I guess ?

Lx Laughing Laughing
I have a few hobbies, though wouldn't claim any is better than the other, as that depends on who's doing them and what you're into.
Photography is great if you can afford the equipment (though a simple camera will get you started)....and walking in the hills is good too as it's free, and gets you out into the fresh air, doing excercise.
This seems to be an entirely subjective question. The reason why there are so many hobbies is because everyone has different interests. To say what is the best is very dependent on each person's interests. And you can't say that one interest is better than another. If you're looking to pick up a hobby, perhaps think about what might interest you and just pick something and go from there. If you don't like it, move on until you find something that keeps your attention.
I have a lot of different hobbies, and the best one is the one I am doing at any particular moment.

In other words, while I am coding, that's the best hobby.
While I am crocheting, that's the best hobby.
While I am sewing, that's the best hobby.

etc., etc., etc.

The idea is to keep your self entertained with things that interest you, and you will not always be interested in doing the same thing all the time, so you will need more than one hobby.

Be careful with hobbies that become careers. Sometimes they stop being fun and become work.
appsapps wrote:
While I am crocheting, that's the best hobby.

Hehe learning new English words here every day.. I had to google that one Very Happy

it seems im not the only one learning here Very Happy
My best hobby is swimming. I swim every day and I feel fine after swimming.
Computer (Y) or maybe Movies - dont have a really 'good' hobby :/
I have a few hobbies that I like to work at.

1) Cars, not maintenance maintaining cars is not all that fun, just a chore. But building a custom car or a hot rod, not that is some kind of fun!! Watching a hunk of junk go from an ugly old heap to a work of art and functions like a dream. Can't say enough about it and how much I have always enjoyed building cars.

2) Computers, building them, loading software and operating systems on them, getting them talking to the network and able to communicate to printers and share files on a LAN. I like it!!

3) Houses, doing construction work, and no not maintaining my house, because like a car it is work, but being able to upgrade it, add a deck, remake the garden. I like doing custom work and additions to homes including my house.

4) Gunsmith, building firearms, working on them to get the right trigger pull, sights adjusted. Built a few from scratch starting with just a receiver, with all the good stuff to make them very accurate.

The thing about hobbies is that there is no real best hobby, something I might like doing another person would hate. So we each have to chose what we like and what interests us and go for it.
Sex is a pretty good hobby for some. When you get bored you just have more sex. Although you do get sick of it after a while. Many guys dream of having a girl who can't get enough sex. There are some like that. I knew a girl with an addictive nature and ended up an alcoholic but she was also addicted to sex. She needed it several times a day. If there was no man handy she had her own apparatus that she would use. We went out for a while and it was great having all this sex but it didn't last very long as she would drink too much and then hit on any guy even if I was right there.
I love reading, watching films and series and cooking.
i like planting varity of plants to have different colours of petels.i like to make my garden beautiful with different colours of flowers.
Learning whatever you enjoy
I play basketball.

But sometimes i am careful in playing to prevent injuries.
I play bullet chess on
There is no such thing as a "best" hobby,always follow your heart,even when you feel extremly bored.
Hobby varies from person to person, from time to time.
i am found of electronic things.when ever i have a time i try to make some thing or fix .
i love to play sccoor
I agree with the others posting that there isn't one "best hobby", however, I do have to say that if you like and/or love beer I would recommend homebrewing. At first it is easy to get into and you can go, or not go, as complex as you want. You can learn a lot of things about beer and even make your own recipes, clone beers you like, and meet a lot of new people who can help. I know a lot of my friends always wanted to try brewing. Well I started when I turned 21 and dragged them into it a little bit later and we all love learning about it and sharing beers.
playing game online ofcourse Rolling Eyes
Surely the best hobby is the one you're currently doing, and enjoying, whatever that may be.
In my opinion the coolest hobby is hiking
My favorite hobby is building hot rods, and muscle cars. Love to build up high hoarse power show cars. Big engines custom frames, racing brakes and suspension. Custom gauges and interior. Just love building up cool show cars.

Last summer helped a friend and owner of a local shop in Denver build up a 1969 Camaro, we used a Dynacorn body (new sheet metal) a roadster shop frame, Kougel front suspension, Brembo 8 piston fixed caliper racing brakes, 572 Cubic Inch chevy big block crate engine, TKO 6 speed transmission, ford 9" differential rated for 1000 HP. We custom did the interior and dash with Stuart Warner gauges, and totally customized the interior, with a cool center console.

Fun Fun Fun, it is getting painted at this point and we will do final assembly and wiring in November when it comes back from paint. Should be a driver by January!!!

That's my favorite hobby!!!
what is the best hobby? i believe the question is (as elaborated in replies above) is subject to personal preferences. i don't really believe in absolutes, and this also goes for hobbies.

although there are some hobbies that should be popular and taken up by a mass number of people on a global scale. hobbies like these include activities such as meditation and listening to music. meditation is overall healthy for human beings, and i think if the entire population of earth partook in meditation, the world would be a better place. listening to music is already a popular past time among the human species, but i think people listen to the wrong music and don't perceive music as they should. most people listen to music to conform to their peers, by doing that you necessarily listening to music that you REALLY like.

but like in another thread, that is a topic for another time. Smile
Book reading is the best hobby in my respect.because daily book reading increase your vocabulary and knowledge and you have a knowledge what is going on around you.You feel confident when you talk and have good impact on other.there are lots of benefit of book reading like memory.your Memory become sharp as brain tries to remember every things and in this way you have a habit of thinking.
you are Improving Focus and have better Writing Skills than others because you have more knowledge about surrounding and vocabulary.and you are realesing your stress. try to make book your friend.
I think best hobby is reading books and news paper get lots of information about world and get up to date.
my hobbies are exercise: improves mental and physical health and send hormones around your body making you feel happy be sure to wash after though.
Reading is the best hobby.
Playing video games esp. 3ds games. Although it's childish for my age but who cares! I enjoy it and it keeps me going.
Game Developement.
Get involved in politics. Best hobby ever.
Play game! The tower defence game is my favorite.
You will learn to develop strategy until it is good enough to pass
to the next level.
If you are determined enough, travelling isn't that difficult. Choosing travelling here and there will make a person aware of different cultures and diversity around this globe. This will make the person very accommodating to others. You will be loving to meet new people and places that will make you so cheerful and happy!
Watching videos on youtube of your own choice Wink
In the summer time simming is my favorite hobby. Even if water temperature is not very high (+18 degree Celcius).
dancing IMO it makes you happy and mentally clear and exersises not only your body but your creative mind!
Ultra flight? I suggest hobbies where you can get "feelings" Smile
I love to read business novels and magazines..
I play games on the phone
When I'm very bores Iprogramming or I play CS GO and Gmod and another games.
The best hobby is to learn something new. e.g. learn a musical instrument
As long as you're doing something that you love,and it's positive that's the key,hobbies are wonderful mine is collecting records[lp's-45's].
Da Rossa
I used to be a physics student. Now I'm a lawyer. Still, I sometimes find myself reading physics books and solving maths problems. Helps clearing the mind.
A good hobby probably is one which is very different from what you do for your job.
In my case my job is doing software development, thus I spend much time in front of a computer; less time actually developing software, much more time answering emails. Anyway.
For me playing computer games certainly is not the ideal hobby, since it would make me spending even more hours in front of a computer. Nevertheless, I like it here and then.
But: some sports like Squash, Badminton, Running & Dancing are much better hobbies for me. Thus, I added those to my long list of hobbies long time ago.

If you can turn your hobby into a job that might be fun too, on the other side. In that case you might want to find other hobbies then Wink
Da Rossa
amagard wrote:
A good hobby probably is one which is very different from what you do for your job.
In my case my job is doing software development, thus I spend much time in front of a computer; less time actually developing software, much more time answering emails. Anyway.
For me playing computer games certainly is not the ideal hobby, since it would make me spending even more hours in front of a computer. Nevertheless, I like it here and then.
But: some sports like Squash, Badminton, Running & Dancing are much better hobbies for me. Thus, I added those to my long list of hobbies long time ago.

If you can turn your hobby into a job that might be fun too, on the other side. In that case you might want to find other hobbies then Wink

I thought the worst part of your job was debugging rather than responding to e-mails.
Since I'm unemployed now, I'm living out of hobbies.
Da Rossa wrote:
Since I'm unemployed now, I'm living out of hobbies.
I'm also unemployed. What hobbies are you living off? Would be nice to get some tips.
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