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The iconia w500 superior value than ipad 2

I bought an iconia w500 tablet, they seem to really be pushing this android honeycomb operating system with the tablets, but, having bought the alternative windows version, it seems perfectly fine, if not preferable.

The argument against windows was that it doesn't work well with touch, mainly that using your fingers to scroll through windows menus was is too difficult.

To me that has nothing to do with the windows os, that's simply an interface issue, they could easily design a version of windows that would be more compatible with this touch technology if they so choosed.

Instead, they're marketing this android honeycomb operating system as the next generation of tablet operating systems, and I think it's bogus.

With my w500 I can do basically anything that you would be able to do on any other windows 7 computer, relatively bug-free.

It's slightly finicky with the scroll bars sometimes, and the keyboard is bad for typing long messages (I'm using an usb keyboard atm), but otherwise there's no reason not to get the windows version of this.
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