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Bob Marley, A true legend

I have always been a huge fan of Bob Marley. where I'm from some people practically worship him and his music. so this weekend I took the time to download every album ever made by Bob Marley. it took some time and ended up being about 8 Gigs of disk space. But that is a collection worth having.
How much did you cost with these 8G songs.......... that must be a huge number of money......
Not sure, most of them have been ripped from a collection of CD's that I started about 12 years ago. I also ripped a bunch of my friend's Bob Marley albums to fill in the gaps. I only had to buy about 7 or 8 albums online to complete the collection. but it was worth it.
Cant really call myself a huge fan but i have the last 2 greatest hits albums and they are quality. BTW thats some dedication ammonkc well done
Bob Marley... a king...


Very Happy
I love bob marley! The music he made is some of the best you can get. It's a shame he died Sad

And it's really fun to smoke while listening to "smoke two joints"... Anyone heard that song?
i think bob marley rules i love his music and im trying to grow my hair like him but it is so hard

bob marley rules
BOB MARLEY > EVERYONE.. Anyone heard of Damien Marley? It's Bob Marley's son and his music is awesome.. gotta look forward to big things of this one Very Happy
Yeah, I'm a huge fan of damien marley also. and even ziggy marley and kimani marley. they all have a smooth sound.
I am not a huge Bob Marley fan, but then again I haven't really listened to but maybe 3 of his songs. What are some of your guys' favorites that you suggest?
A West Indian treasure not appreciated enough.
Marley is great, i still have to check out the other Marleys...
Damien 'Jr. Gong' Marley is really good. and he just drop a new album. you should check it out if you can. Damien Marley is probably my next favorite behind Bob
Tnx for the tip, will look into Damien!
(is that correct english;-) )
ammonkc wrote:
Yeah, I'm a huge fan of damien marley also. and even ziggy marley and kimani marley. they all have a smooth sound.
Bah Damien, Ziggy and his other son all suck. Bob is the king of Reggae Culture. I have all of his collection CDs.
Yes, He is a true legend ever. His soul make the reggae music to shine. Good addition in his music.
The only thing I know from him is....he smoked weed a lot
It's a shame to reduce a man's life to his affinity for marijuana, especially when it is part of his religion.

Bob was a truly gifted musician, political activist and diplomat. His music and his attempts to bring peace to a war torn Jamaica should be the topics about his life, his devotion to his friends, family and homeland.

If you are going to get past his use of drugs, at least think of the odd circumstances of his death. Interestingly when he planned an appearance at a show in jamaica in an attempt to restore tourism and reduce violence, political factions who were at odds with the group who Bob supported sent havily armed gunmen to kill him. They failed at their attempt, despite having filled a small home with tons of automatic weapon fire. Bob was thought to have very powerful religious protection based on this miracle. Later in life while playing soccer with friends Bob suffered a nasty wound to his toe. The wound became infected and based on his beliefs, Bob would not have it treated by non-traditional medicine and doctors. The infection became worse and eventually became cancerous. Bob's believed he would be healed by his religion and would not allow an amputation. It is this wound that would eventually kill Bob.
I love bob marley...
Heck yea,
Bob Marley is Hilarious. His Music is very entertaining! You gotta love it.
Bob Marley is a legend for young and old people. Everybody know him. His child is on MTV, he makes the same reggae music, also very good I think. I have a couple of DVDs at home from Marley.. very nice! Very Happy
yeah bob marley is a kingggg
His music is great !

a while back when I was in Rome with school we listened every night to Bob Marley Smile with some fine booze. It's way relaxed then Very Happy
yeah, At least 3 - 4 nights a week I sit around a kava bucket and listen to bob marley all night long. nothing gets you relaxed better.
Hey Ammon, is it legal to ship kava to the mainland?

and where are you on the north shore? near Kona on the big island or are you on Oahu?
I'm on Oahu. Punalu'u more specifically. but I do most of my mixing in Laie. I don't know if there are any legal issues with sending kava to the mainland. I would imagine that there is because I think you are required to declare agriculture stuff. but we ship kava all the time. never had any problems yet. When I was going to school in the mainland, we would have our friends send us kava all the time. but I've found that pretty much anywhere you go, even on the mainland, you can find a house that sells kava.
man I miss Hawaii, Oahu and kava...and mai tais, and clear water...NY is not the same.

Is there a better kava one you would say is better then all the rest?

When you said Punalu'u I assumed you meant on Hawaii again, near Kona is the black sand beach...its also called Punalu'u.

There is a great restaurant on the north shore, on that long twisted road between kaneohe and the north shore (Kamehameha hwy?)...i'm sure I spelled that wrong, but anyway...great food.
Yeah, Hawaii is great. I was just at Mai Tai's last night. 10 feet was there. the quality of the kava really just depends on the root. but in my experience Fijian kava is really good. kava from Fiji tends to be pretty potent.
Yes Bob is the King of Reggae! He was the first to take it out of Jamaica and he did it successfully. After that Jamaica is on musical world map.
I don't know if you guys know that Bob's band was a Ska band at first. I guess a lot of ganja made them play more and more slowly.
I love the hole Reggae culture! And it is not only the music it's the way of looking at the world!

what do you find in Bob Marley's music?
My friend is a fan of Bob Marley.. but he couldn't explain what is so good in his music....
Damien Marley is cool aswell as Bob Very Happy They both high in my list
MG-X wrote:
what do you find in Bob Marley's music?
My friend is a fan of Bob Marley.. but he couldn't explain what is so good in his music....

I find that the music is mentally and physically relaxing, just the rhythms of it seem to be soothing. After that its very memorable and easy to like.

Simple stuff I guess.
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