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Windows 32 bit or 64 bit

I have an Intel DH55TC mother board with i3 processor with 4 GB RAM and 1GB G force AGP card
I have windows XP 32 bit OS. The OS uses only 3 GB of the installed RAM and the AGP card uses 1 GB RAM. So I am getting a 4 GB RAM
Is it necessary that I should install a 64 bit OS. The point is there are a some old games and software that may not run in 64 bit and will the extra 1GB RAM I get in the 64 bit OS be of any advantage if 32bit applications run in 64 bit
I can see you're using a 32-bit version of Windows. 32-bit operating systems (not only Windows) can handle up to 4GB of RAM, but the first megabyte and almost half of the fourth gigabyte is taken by the system's BIOS and other hardware control structures. This is normal and it's not considered as a problem (as long as you perform well with 3.5GB of RAM). To take full advantage of the fourth gigabyte as well, you must install a 64-bit version of Windows and, if your motherboard supports a feature called memory remapping, all of the RAM will be available to you. This shouldn't be a problem, since all modern boards support this feature.
just stick with 32bit. don't mind that very little RAM that your system cannot use. if you go for 64bit, you will miss all your all old games and apps, and you will find it quite hard to find new games and apps.
I think your machine is ready to run Windows 64 bit OS.

As "rjraaz" said you cannot take the full capacity of your 4 GB RAM on Windows 32 bit OS but it can be on
Windows 64 bit OS. (Except your machine has less than 4 GB RAM it should be run Windows 32 bit OS
instead. Windows 64 bit OS require more memory to run.)

Don't worry about incompatible 32 bit software and games.

Nowadays, most new version 32 bit software and games can be run on 64 bit OS (except for a few old
version) but 64 bit software and games cannot run on 32 bit OS. Moreover 64 bit software and games will
be widely used in nearly future.

However, one thing you should consider is Windows 64 bit OS run very fast with 64 bit software and
games but a little bit slower with 32 bit software and games.

If you're planning to upgrade your system, I would say go for 64 bit-there benefits outweigh the downsides. However, if you aren't planning on upgrading anything else, just go ahead and stick with your current OS.
The old games and software should be able to run under 64-bit Windows. I've installed a number of 32-bit applications in 64-bit Windows 7. They are simply segregated into a "Program Files (x86)" folder in the hard drive.

That said, it's not necessary but you should install the 64-bit version if you'd like all of your memory to be addressable. Also, if your motherboard has extra slots, you may want to add RAM in the future.
I am running 64-bit windows 7 and have never had any incompatibility issues (which were a problem when 64-bit OS's were a new thing). It's really nice because I could upgrade to 8GB of RAM.

I'd highly recommend 64-bit Windows if you have 4GB or more of RAM.
anyone who have 64bit processor, should run 64bit windows on that machine
A 64-bit operating system will enable you the extra access to the ram, but offer other benefits as well. This is related to the size of the registers etc in the processor. I use Windows 7 64-bit on my desktop and find no issues what so ever. I can run 32-bit software fine, and have even run some very very old programs on it. Windows XP 64-bit is very buggy and unstable and highly recommended to avoid this. Windows Vista is also buggy, so your best bet for a 64-bit Windows operating system is Windows 7. 32-bit applications on Windows 64bit run on a 32bit subsystem emulation layer, which accept the 32bit system calls allowing your 32bit applications to run unmodified.

(For linux if you have a 64-bit operating system, your package manager will install 64-bit versions of the packages, or you can compile them manually).
Currently I'm using Windows 32 bit till now I don't have experience of using 64 bit.. actually I don't have sufficient hardware which support 64 bit... but I want to get experience of using 64 bit....= by the way can anybody tell what's the difference between 32 bit and 64 bit...
nepalstar wrote:
Currently I'm using Windows 32 bit till now I don't have experience of using 64 bit.. actually I don't have sufficient hardware which support 64 bit... but I want to get experience of using 64 bit....= by the way can anybody tell what's the difference between 32 bit and 64 bit...

32 bit and 64 bit refer to the number of bits used in integers, registers and buses in the architecture. In a 32bit CPU integers are restricted to 32bits in length of just over 4billion unsigned. If you preform arithmetic on these they will wrap at this. However in 64bit the integer size increases to 2^64 unsigned. (Of course you can get around this issue by using floating point numbers and arithmetic). So for registers the register can store over 4 billion different combinations in 32 bit, and 18 446 744 073 709 551 616 in 64bit.

It is possible for the bus to actually bigger (128bit or higher) so as I understand it, the number mainly refers to the size of integers and registers in the processor. Also one advantage is because of this increased size, more memory locations can be addressed.
Thanks for all the replies
it was useful
The best version depends on the use of our windows 7. Like if you neeed it for video development a 64 bit will be good. Also a 64 bit process data faster than a normal 32 bit version.
since you have 4GB of ram,i would suggest you to use 64bit windows so that you can fully utilize it,32 bit windows is going to be wiped off soon
I also concur to use 64 bit windows, as you can use 32 bit applications on it.
If it does not work for some reason, you can right click on the executable file, and go to properties, and there is an option for setting the compatibility to windows xp sp2 and even xp3, apart from windows 2000 and vista even, so you will be safe, with your applications.
I only had an issue because I installed 64 bit office 2011 and then tried to install 32 bit visio, and it would not let me install it, because the core components of office were 64 bit.
I would have to uninstall office 64 bit and install 32 bit office and then 32 bit visio, if I require it.
The advantage of 64 bit OS, is that it uses more of the CPU's registers which should make the OS run faster.
Still, I think XP 32 bit runs faster on the i series Intel chipsets than Windows 7, but maybe with windows 7 sp2, things might change.
Looking at your hardware configuration, the only way to use full power of your hardware is to run 64 bit OS. 32 bit OS will only support up to 3GB RAM.

So, if you want to use 4GB RAM you will have no choice but to use 64 bit OS.
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