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If you had the power! (NSFW)

What's your favorite kind of icecream?
Rocky Road
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Rocky Road
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I'll take the third one! Whatever that is!
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No, I'll actually take the third ice cream flavor that was invented!
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I'll take the BEST ice cream flavor!
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What if you suddenly became aware that you had the power to make everyone in the world perform one action, what would it be? That is everyone on the planet will act, at the same time, according to your instruction. If you want them all to act at a range of different times, then your instruction would be to perform the action tomorrow at noon plus their age in seconds/minutes/hours etc. I would act tomorrow at noon plus 32 seconds/minutes/hours etc. which would make me act at a different time then someone who is 54 years old, but our instructions remain exactly the same.

So, what's it going to be? Have everyone give the person next to them a hug, and inadvertently spread disease like never before, or have everyone give all their money to charity, and crash economy as we know it? Have everyone jump or sit down, and cause a seismic disturbance unlike the planet has ever experienced, or simply have everyone eat a sandwich and without negative intention essentially cause a world wide famine?

Any ideas how you could use that to help all of us? Would you just use it for yourself? Would you help another person, or a group of people? Would you like a pony?

1) Obey FriHost usage policy first and foremost!
2) In this topic I'll encourage bottom posting (posting without reading thread) to some extent. Feel free to add whatever pops into your head, and keep updating with new ideas!
3) No religion. You're given a once in a life-time opportunity to command every single human being to do something and you're not going to mess it up with some spiritual BS that has no evidence. Prudence, and plain old common sense, lead you to intelligently thinking about what's possible. Just the facts, and go with common experience. Allah did not lead me to write this thread -- I'm just writing it... it really is that random.
4) Be nice. When in doubt feel free to read rules 1 and 4 aloud, and with feeling! Smile
5) no more rules, but I reserve the right to change all of this into a pumpkin that vanishes at midnight! Smile

My Entry:
Honestly, I haven't settled on anything. I'm still kind of enjoying the idea of making all of you guys do something. Haha! Dance like monkeys! .... but then we get into the whole "upsetting" the earths seismic situation, so I have to be careful! OK, I have it! Dance like monkeys tomorrow at noon plus your age in hours!

Headlines will read: "Kentucky Man Doesn't Monkey!" and "Strange Seismic Activity Sinks California!" and "New Arizona Bay Resort Opens!"

And thus I retire it to you! The power is YOURS! *poof* Smile Twisted Evil Use it wisely!
Hm, no religion, but what about politics?
Accept our differences along Viva La Difference lines. No, better yet, embrace our differences. So that we won't be intolerant of one another, including what we look like, how wealthy we are, how perfect or imperfect we are, how we think and what we believe in.

If I say, accept our differences, then that include ourselves in the first place. Because acceptance starts with ourselves and being able to accept and embrace our differences from society's "norms".

I think your hijack thread has gone a long way in doing that, i.e. using humour, as I think key to "Viva La Difference" is the ability to not take ourselves so seriously, to be able to give ourselves a break and to laugh. That does not mean we can't be serious. It just means we accept who we are better.

If I had two things I could have, then my second one would be "gratitude". I was listening to a speech on TV last night at a graduation ceremony of the American University of Dubai, and wow, that was the best speech ever and an awesome Graduation Ceremony. Obama, who is also a good speech maker, would have been impressed with it. I'm going to look for that speech today, and if I find a link, I'll post it in this thread! Not often that a graduation ceremony makes an impression on me, nor a speech on gratitude. It was not a goody goody one either. It hit the spot!

I like your threads ICT. Viva ICT! Very Happy
Clause three disappoints me, because the nature of the event would lend itself to creating interesting and potentially positive impacts by using the [rule3] regardless of whether [rule3] was [rule3] otherwise.

"Stop being dicks."
The effectiveness of this instruction would depend entirely on whether the power allowed your action to be ongoing, or whether it had to be a single act that could be checked off as done afterwards. If you can force people to not be dicks on an ongoing basis then you've more or less created world peace.

"Forgive your enemies."
If the power only allowed a once-off action, this would probably be the next best thing. It should cut off all currently ongoing wars and such. New conflicts would still arise in the future, but fairly slowly since much hatred comes from tit for tat spats or deeply rooted discrimination that would have to grow from a clean slate after this action.

"Give a friendly greeting."
Third best option, if the power turned out to be limited to physical actions. It's not going to do much in itself, but since this is going to be a significant global event no matter how you spin it, a friendly greeting is about the safest and most welcoming reminder of humanity.

"Take off your clothes."
It's the same global reminder that we're all the same underneath, but with additional hilarity and hopefully not too much shame. This could backfire.
Nameless wrote:

"Take off your clothes."
It's the same global reminder that we're all the same underneath, but with additional hilarity and hopefully not too much shame. This could backfire.

Is it my imagination or has the photo been photoshopped? And it has been made to deliberately shame/highlight how revolting those who are overweight look like? That is showcasing a difference not embracing it ..... no? Twisted Evil

But yes, I do get the point.

I have now tracked down the guy who presented the Gratitude speech last night. He is the President of the American University in Dubai, Dr. Lance de Masi. Originally from Indiana. There must be something special in that State to deliver someone as uniquely talented as this guy surely must be.
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