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my blouses

I've started to sweat through my blouses. Should I be worried?
batista123 wrote:
I've started to sweat through my blouses. Should I be worried?

People who exercise sweat a lot. Are your personal habits changing? Is your body experiencing a heightened level of function, or are you starting to sweat as a result that moving around is harder than it used to be... ie. putting on weight, injury, or tension?

Tons of things can make you sweat, and just about nothing stops it. Actually antiperspirant is just little shards of aluminum that get wedged into sweat glands and block them from pushing out sweat, which is how antiperspirant works. Deodorant is just perfume designed for under arms and doesn't stop anything.

Personally I don't use deodorant, and I don't sweat. It was strange that every once in a while I would get sweaty and put on deodorant in the afternoon, but then I would smell horrible by the end of the day and I would not stop sweating. I couldn't figure out why deodorant/antiperspirant does that to me, but they are doing what any product does these days -- they don't solve needs, they create need. Soda-pop makes you thirsty, deodorant makes you sweaty and stinky, they are making food less and less nutritious all the time, and you have to pay extra for paper towels that actually pick up water. It's the way of the world.

Needless to say I don't wear antiperspirant as an adult, and it's not like i just ignore my own smell and can't tell. I only sweat really bad, and smell bad after doing anything about sweat except taking a shower. Products to help only ever last about 30 minutes to an hour, and then the problem comes back and gets much worse. All products have side-effects... want to know what they are for antiperspirant? You guessed it -- rash, profuse sweating, and body odor!!! It even says "Not for daily use" on some of them -- go figure they cop out!

What are you buying their product for? I thought we were curing these things, and not TRYING to make them worse. Read labels, and start wondering just like me!

Shower often, and forget deodorant/antiperspirant. Do you use products because you think you should, and not because there is a specific need? You may be making the problem worse.

Is the real problem that you need to loose weight? I don't skirt issues if you can't tell. I'm just hoping you will feel free to be completely honest, so we can help if that is what you want.

My biggest question: What has changed in your life? Nothing stays the same.
batista123 wrote:
I've started to sweat through my blouses. Should I be worried?

I think there is nothing to worried.Now whether is hot and it is normal that body will sweat.
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