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what site unlimited file hosting?

Please help me? What site unlimited file hosting? Razz
There is nothing called unlimited. There are always some hidden things that you will realise later. BTW what are you trying to host?
$80 a year, maybe less now, gets you unlimited file hosting from, and I've liked their service. Only once over several years of using them have I ever had the "omg, that's strange" feeling when doing business with them, and that is I have multiple domains on my account with them, but can only get stats for one domain, and the others are excluded. Yeah, that's what I said! Strange! I have to program stats in to each site to make it work... not hard for me so I will do it when it really matters.

Unlimited transfers, and unlimited space means you can store anything there, and your web host can be your file share, or backup server. I've tested their policy too, cause I have uploaded hundreds of gigs to the server, and back down again when restoring my laptop, so I know for sure they are not lying about unlimited everything. Every account has secure location for files, and public location for files, so you don't have to worry that much about security.

Tech support has been responsive at startlogic, so overall I'm very pleased.
IceCreamTruck wrote:
$80 a year, maybe less now, gets you unlimited file hosting from, and I've liked their service.

That's actually the same service I use for most of my hosting... I paid $11/mo for it, if I recall correctly... which includes one free domain name registration.

Though, perhaps the price difference is because -- while still unlimited -- mine is for full web hosting, with script support, databases, email, et cetera... not just file hosting.

And yes, it does seem to be truly unlimited; I keep several gigs of stuff (mostly photos) on it at all times, and I've also used it to transfer DVD images of up to 9 gigs, all without ever having any hint of space or bandwidth running out... What I put on it is limited only by my internet connection speed and their hard drive space. (According to their policy, if you fill up one hard drive, you might have to wait a day or so while they install more drives on the server for you to fill.)
...And it is so nice to be able to upload files without any regard for their size, and to be able to link files from busy websites, without any regard for the bandwidth usage that will ensue.

I'd definitely recommend them if you think you need unlimited resources, and can afford it.
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