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Common IDE Platform for PHP, CSS, HTML and Specially JQuery

I'm trying to know which is the best common platform to be in for coding in PHP, CSS, HTML and JQuery. I'm currently using Dreamweaver, it is somewhat improved in CS5 but still it lacks the support for JQuery. In case of CS3 and previous, even the PHP variables are not shown while coding. Further, it doesn't shows the related files which is improved in CS5 version.

Is there any other applications in your mind..?
I tried a quick search to see if I could develop a list of candidates. Netbeans and Eclipse are the two I recognize that showed up near the top of the list. A couple of other contenders that I never heard of before, CodeLobster and phpDesigner, were actually at the top.

A review article lists 16 choices, presumably with pros and cons for each:

I noticed code::blocks included there, although it doesn't say that it includes all the languages you want -- what it does say is that it is easily extensible through plugins, so presumably it will soon have them if enough web developers like it.
Thanks SonLight for your kind reply.. I'll try the netbeans and eclipse. I hope they will help me in my work effectively
Check out Aptana, I started a few weeks ago using this IDE and I think it works great. I still have to get used to working with it but, has been very easy since day one.

That or I use E text editor for pc or Textmate on mac. I like to hand code so these are my favs.
therimalaya wrote:
Thanks SonLight for your kind reply.. I'll try the netbeans and eclipse. I hope they will help me in my work effectively

I'd recommend Eclipse, although both of those are really awesome for Java more so than any of the web development you've mentioned, I do like eclipse for php (and thus for all related things like HTML/CSS/JS).
Though my first choice code editor is Notepad++ I've recently downloaded Netbeans and I really found out that it's the best IDE I tried. Even better than Dreamweaver and Eclipse.

I'd recommend you try Apanta too, but last time I used it needed an extra plugin for PHP.
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