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About tabbed browsing

Let me preface this by saying I do use tabs, all the time. I might be reading a text web page while a streaming video loads, or want to check some on wikipedia while in the middle of typing a post ... you know. Small things.

So today I started using Firefox 4.0 and one their new inbuilt features is tab grouping - I didn't really play around with it, but the general idea seemed to be that you could group tabs into their own, larger tabs. (Inception BWAH here.) There's a whole interface for it. To me it feels entirely redundant though. If you wanted to split your tabs up, that's what new windows are for. If you want to organise a larger number of occasionally viewed web pages, that's what bookmarks are for.

Your eyes can only focus and read one thing at a time. At some point, the time benefit of not needing to reload a webpage has to be outweighed by the cost of managing all of the pages that are open. It's like a physical desk ... even if that desk is of infinite size, you sprawl enough paper on it then you're going to have more clutter and time cost than if you just put the things back when you were done with them.

Who uses features like these, and under what circumstances are they actually practical?
I don't Razz
If I want things grouped, I'll open them in a particular sequence, or move the tab to a certain spot in the line if need be. Outside of that, yeah, we start getting into wasting time and organization effort. Never mind the fact that having too many things loaded and ready to go at a time eats up a tonne of RAM...

Silly feature.
I've never used anything like that. Generally, I don't have huge amounts of tabs open.
I use tabs a lot, but am not using Mozilla Firefox 4's Tab Groups. I tried it and I didn't find it really useful for me. Others might probably be able to put this feature to good use though. Smile
tabs are great function, i work as developer and i try to put them in every of mine piece of software... they makes life easier
I think Mozilla tabs group is making the browsing more hard. I'm using Google Chrome.

It takes less from RAM while Mozilla takes about 1.3 Gb RAM.
I have allways hunderts of tabs open, the best way is to just accept the chaos in your browser Smile
SultanMA wrote:
I think Mozilla tabs group is making the browsing more hard.

An entirely optional feature is making browsing harder?
I haven't tried the tab groups, but the idea does seem possibly useful to me. I open a lot of tabs, so it would be convenient to "herd" them in groups as I proceeded from one active project to another. Of course I use Linux and run it for days without booting. Another way I might organize them would be to bookmark several tabs together in one folder, and re-open them later as a group.

I can do the re-open part now, but I don't like the interface for organizing bookmarks too well, and I don't really know how I could bookmark several open tabs without an excessive amount of effort.
I usually have around 7 tabs open at a time and never used the grouping. I've seen it but didn't really look into it. It sounds that it take longer to group tabs and stuff so I just switch and usually my tabs have absolutely nothing in common...

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Is there anything in common?!
Firefox now lets you drag the tabs across so that you can have the ones that are relevant to each other side by side anyway. (Something which chrome has had for some time)
I'm using tab groups, but not the default tab groups feature, but an addon: TabGroups Manager.
I usually have open a lot of tabs, so grouping is really handy.
truespeed wrote:
Firefox now lets you drag the tabs across so that you can have the ones that are relevant to each other side by side anyway. (Something which chrome has had for some time)

Firefox has had that feature for 'some time' as well, so I'm not sure why you would mention something like that ...

Also. When did I become Firefox's guardian here, I don't even care about browser choice that much.
yes time is God............
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