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Introducing Bin Laden - Al Jazeera Documentary

I've just seen the First Part of an Al Jazeera World documentary on Bin Laden called I Knew Bin Laden. The great part of it for me was that I finally got to see photos of Bin Laden at various stages of his life from the beginning of the eighties until 1998. I also got to know this guy a little bit better. I can now believe that Bin Laden actually existed but still need some more information to digest his culpability in the Sept11 bombing. That was not covered in this part, and I am looking forward to the next part of the documentary next week on 17 May when hopefully Bin Laden's participation in the the bombing will be covered. If any one is interested, and have not seen it yet, I found a YouTube recording of the Al Jazeera show. I thought it was a really good show (for those interested in the guy) and well worth watching:
Hm... I wonder how different the reaction to this would be if it was made before he died?
ocalhoun wrote:
Hm... I wonder how different the reaction to this would be if it was made before he died?
That had gone through my mind too. I was wondering how much of this material has been floating around everywhere, except the news broadcaster may have withheld it for exactly this reason (or worse was asked to withhold it). I'm hoping that we may get to see many more documentaries like these. I guess it's not going to be long before someone is going to write a biography on the guy. Who knows, maybe that was already been written too, and not published yet for the same reason.
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