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Homework, Pain, and Bad Habits -- Help

I'm still in High School. Has Anyone gotten to the point where doing homework is like THE most painful thing in the world? It's so painful that you would do a billion things before you got started. Does anyone have huge issues with procrasination and sleep in the afternoon? Or gotten into an endless cycle of work late at night (homework) and sleep in the afternoon/class? Crying or Very sad
Because I Can't seem to start my homework unless it's like 11:00 at night. (due to mostly wasting time on the computer, (like now) and sleeping).

Well for those of you who don't have those problems can you tell us How to deal with these problems? Maybe how you deal with it when you were in high school. Or Maybe Offer Goal Setting Techniques or Motivational Tips.
Maybe like How to focus better? or How to do homework more efficently?
I feel your pain. But the best way to get homework and study done is take the JDI approach:


Or look at it this way: You can't be bothered putting it off. It will be easier to do it normally than late at night, so why wait until later? You are giving yourself MORE and HARDER work! So remember, Just Do It.
trust me as you get older and into the upper level of education... you realize just how valuable homework is and not having your entire grade be based on 2 or even 1 test
create posters with these taglines:


place it strategically on you room wherein you could see it during times you are feeling sleepy or lazy. hopefully, it should work... heh! Cool Smile
don't worry, I don't start my HW until later on too. I think that part of it is who you are. Some people don't do their best work if they are not under any pressure. The stress helps their minds to be sharper and more productive. Others are really good about things and take care of their work early on, and do just fine. There have been multiple times that a piece of HW is due the next day (and I mean a project or paper, not just normal stuff) and I start on it in the evening, around 8 or 9. I get it done, and without the stress, the quality would not be there. Or, you could be the type of person that is just lazy, and get's bad grades too, but it sounds toi me like you care, so go with the stress part. It lets you be who you really are, though you may want to start jusat a tad earlier, but not a lot. Sleep is always good.
Omg I know what you mean!!!
I am the worse procrastinator (if thats how you spell it...) ever!!!
So badly that I would rather watch some boring show that I have no interest at all on tv than doing it...
Hmm... Those tips, especially the one about making posters saying "you should be studying" are good advice - Thanx Smile
Vincent Vale
I'm in the same boat as Start...if there's no pressure to do it or no immediate negative result, there's no way in hell you're gonna get me to do homework early. I do everything the night before or two nights before and I still get A's and B's...I guess procrastination just works for some people! If you are getting bad grades because of this, then what I think you should do is moderate both fun and homework - don't go turn into a homework fiend and do it right when you get home every day and nothing but it, but don't NOT do it by completely procrastinating. My strategy is: have fun first, then when you're relaxed and not eager to go do something else, do your homework before going to sleep.
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