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Thinking of change

Hey I was thinking about changing my current CMS which is geeklog to possibly wordpress. I like the look and feel of wordpress, but I am not sure if it is customizable enough for what I want to do. You can see my current site at Any tips would be great. Another thing I liked about wordpress is all the AJAXian things people are doing to it. I love websites made with ajax. Thanks again for any help.
Wordpress is what I used (am using) for my first attempt at publishing my own site, and I was able to dramatically customize the look and feel of the site with very little trouble. I had zero experience coding and/or scripting when I started designing what I wanted for the site, and with no outside help I ended up with a site that is quite nice and--as far as I am aware--like nothing else I have seen in a Wordpress driven site. Overall, I have been pleased with the entry-level ease of Wordpress, but I am now looking for something a little more robust.

Because my site index is a content disclaimer, it would be inappropriate to openly post my URL in this forum. If you would like to see my Wordpress blog and information site, please send me a private message requesting it.
Wordpress should work well, however, Geeklog is better for your site. Geeklog displays short summaries, where as Wordpress articles take the whole page. Otherwise, it shouldn't make a difference.

Personally, I would stick with GeekLog.
i think it's look good like that ...
Wordpress tends to load faster than geeklog does. The fact that it uses AJAX is cool too. They have an alpha forum software (bbpress) that uses AJAX too. It works alot faster than other forums but it's still designed to be a support forum. I'm planning on creating a web app that uses AJAX. I might start with a shoutbox that uses AJAX so you don't have to use frames to insert them in your sites.
the site looks good to me.
cosmetically, i would consider re doing the AA header text.
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