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health our beauty

is the junk food always bad for health? and what is necessary to maintain our beauty?
Not always certainly.but you can not not eat single food,always.I recently found kfc have special medical way.
Body can't convert junk food into bone, muscle or healthy organ cells.
Saturated fats and trans fats get dispersed throughout body and increasing blood pressure and increase risk for heart disease.

Too much sodium increases blood volume. An excess of salt in body can result in water retention.Blood retains salty water and increases blood pressure. The body requires a small intake of sodium to function properly, around 2400 milligrams a day. When we consume too much sodium, the balance between fluid intake and outgo is disturbed. The kidneys cannot properly convert the excess to waste, resulting in kidney disease.

Refined sugar is linked to tooth decay,and also cause risk for osteoporosis. Excess sugar cause obesity, heart disease and other health please be careful
Fresh fruits or fruit juices and fresh vegitables are always good for health. The occasional bit of junk food isn't going to ruin health. If we follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly,our body should be able to process the odd indulgence
FOR good health as we know our body needs to sweet stretch and lift in order to work properly and our minds also need all these things as with proper exercise you can get your beauty back.
I think the key point should keep yu mental health younger with full of vigor,such as update new knowledge from reading books or logging in websites everyday to let yu brain active,also meet new people to exchange ideas and experience regularly,besides,should travel all kinds of places to appreciate local culture and tasty food.
From my point of view,the crucial point is that you can still love others and the world with passion and faith whatever how old you are,even 70s yrs old.You are never not lazy to do so.
From some star sign angle,it was said that people who are belong to aquarius,Gemini,and Aries will become happier and happier,esp.when they are getting old.
That means releasing our nature.U will far away to suffer pain and pressure.U can smile at,laugh at everyone,everything with peaceful mood.
U would better love to be shown affection and don't have any problem what soever showing the right person lots of of it, and always say if its better to give than to receive. Oh,pls don`t foget to have a pretty unexpected sense of humor in good time.
Many healthy researches are proven that increasing the counts of obesity persons are having major reason of eating junk foods more. So try to less eating junk foods to maintain a good weight and slim body.
Junk Food is Wonderful. I love the stuff. Not good for you though, that includes the bank balance too. Thats why I indulge myself just one fortnight, a little. Big time once a month. Control it. Enjoy it.
We just need health and beauty, I admitted that fresh fruits are good for health and also what we eat its not bad just we need some walk/exercise daily then we able to get health.By walk we always free from blood pressure, diabetes and fat.
Here is a fact if some one like oily food and after taking it always lay down not do some exercise then he will be caught fat.
Fresh water is best for our beauty.Drink 2 to 10 glass of water daily.Then you see the freshness on your face.Cleansing also best for skin,After cleansing moisturizing cream is a good toning formula.
Its very best tip for beauty.
stay away from junk food and be a vegetarian.
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