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Whats the best fruit and/or vegetable you grow. For taste an

....and money

Well my favorite is the humble mushroom.

The pros are.
(1)Cheap to grow:-Use horse or cow manure to cultivate in a dark space
(2)Opens your eyes for trying many different mushrooms (Even those classified as Toadstools)
(3)Recreational mushrooms (Technically these are illegal in some areas)

The cons are.
(1)Dreadful smells in shared accommodation (Fortunately I have an agreement with the other tenants, but I can only grow them in the summer when we can open the windows and enjoy them)
(2)Loss of appetite and other side affects that prove confusing at the doctors.

Whats your favorite green cultivation?
I like blueberries. Easy to grow and they taste good unless a bird steals them first.

Mushrooms are actually not a vegetable and not a fruit either (it's a fungus). Wink
My mom grows tomatoes in her balcony.
I love tomatoes and the fresh ones are really tasty, when I get a chance to get at them.

But we don't sell them - they are mainly for personal consumption.

Shrooms are probably nice, and they are healthy as well (at least most of the time).

I would love to grow berries - I love all kinds of berries, but in the middle east, the climate is not really fitting for it.
I'm probably killing this discussion with a link..

I likes mushrooms (Even though they are fungus)

I don't mind veggies but I'm not sure about these!
chasbeen wrote:
I'm probably killing this discussion with a link..

I likes mushrooms (Even though they are fungus)

I don't mind veggies but I'm not sure about these!

Try honies... they are the best mushrooms for taste if you ask me! They are great for cooking and called "honey" for a little bit of a sweet taste. They are much better than and not as tough as your garden variety mushrooms, and better than import mushrooms like portabella or other similar gourmet mushrooms.

I know they taste better then most because I got a chance to do a taste testing round with a farmer that grew lots of different kinds of mushrooms, so it was a side by side comparison of about 20 different kinds of mushrooms and fungus. I even tried the orange fans that grow on dead trees... I always thought those were poisonous. They weren't my favorite, but still pretty good, and I think I even liked them better than portabella.

Makes my hungry just looking at them! -- Pictured: Honey Mushrooms --

Tomatoes and green peppers. I gather seeds from my last crop of the season to use the following year. Like Bondings, I enjoy blueberries and strawberries but have never had much luck with them thanks to the birds and other creatures getting to them first.
I grew these fruits and vegetables only in my childhood, grew Rajma(hindi name of seeds of a plant, don't know the english version), watermelons. My mother has more interest in cultivating crops for food, she has grown strawberries, tomatoes, chillies, and few more stuff, its very enjoyable activity to grow crops in your garden... Smile
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