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IPL : A boon or a bane??

It is really a shame that I have to ask such a question to myself, but as a true Indian cricket fan this really is a crucial time to ask this question to the BCCI. Imagine yourself in the position of Ambati Rayudu if the guy is getting more money while playing in the IPL with the same support and recognition why in the world would he like to play for the country when he needs to run a family and support them as well as he can?? The Sri Lanka Slinger is a live example of the same. the Sri Lankan has done enough to get recognition in the country now he can easily get more money by playing in the IPL so he refrained himself from playing in tests for the country. Well no offense to these guys but don't you think that this is going to be a problem for the upcoming generations who might probably make IPL the ultimate aim rather than just a stepping stone???

PS no offence intended to the Malinga and Rayudu lovers. Razz
I'm not a fan of 20-20 cricket, full-stop.
(I call it may know that word! Very Happy )
Test Match cricket for me is cricket in it's purest form now, and still free of all the vulgarities that I hate in 20-20.
You cannot blame guys for wanting to go get the big money, but you're right, it'll make "proper" cricket suffer in the long term by stealing the attention of the better players.
IPL is very commercial and it has tapped on the immense commercial potential of cricket in India
There are lot opportunities of Indian players to take part in this tournament and also there are opportunities for players from other countries too.
The IPl has contributed to the way cricket is being played now
i don't understand this discussion?
IPL can be considered a boon or a bane depending on one's perspective. If it is considered from the point of view of the beauty of the game and the technique of playing it, is certainly not good. the 20-over format played on for a month erodes the basic techniques of the game, and is also challenging to settle in, for the players.

In terms of the business, IPL is just too good an opportunity. One can invest loads of money in a team, and the seats will provide the profit. So many people watch it, and the ads and all compiled would mean a huge stack of notes for just about anyone. The players also earn so much that they prefer playing in IPL than for their country. Like everything else, IPL also has some positive and negative points.
IPL will the destroy the game.
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