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Impact of web hosting on SEO

Hi, I would like to know if there is any impact of web hosting on SEO?

I mean it depends on the companies, some web hosting companies are SEO friendly and some companies are not?

Let me know!

It has next to no impact unless you are on a server full of adult/malware websites.
In my opinion web hosting plays an important role in SEO to some extent and I have also blogged about it in the past...
SEO is the best way to get high traffic to your website without much investment involved. These web hosting have very much impact on seo, It provides lots of services which helps to manage the search engine traffic selling products and services from your website.
Ghost Rider103
I don't see where your web hosting would affect SEO at all?

As far as I know, your web host doesn't really have much to do with your websites seo unless the web hosting has some sort of web directory of all of its hosted websites, sort of like the frihosters directory. Which even then I don't see it helping much if any at all.
my website is not on frihost directory, yet it come out first on google if i search for excat name just after about 2 weeks hosted in frihost.
Webhosting does have small impact on your website., I used to host a website on other host before Frihost and after setting up the website i realized that the emails were not being delivered to the users., after much research i was found out that the host was blacklisted for spam and after complaining for many times with my hosting provider i was unable to send any emails. I think this must have affected my website in search listings too., but there is no sure shot way to know the same. But slower display of pages sure have lower ranks in search thats been proven.
Now here at frihost emails deliver at time and load faster.
I am a little confused here. Are we talking about seo or serp.
People often interchange the two and that is what we are doing
right now. Seo is the optimization you do to raise your serp. To me
the seo is about you the webmaster and has nothing to do with the

The only time when the web host can have an impact is an off-page factor.
That is, when the webhosting is slow. I mean when your website takes years to
download, it affects the accessibility factor. Besides that, you are the king of your seo and you choose the tools
to deal with the work, not your web host.
Well, Its firts thread I have seen about the effect of web hosting on seo. I don't think so web hosting make any effect or any improvement.
I agree with what "Bondings" said last year:

It has next to no impact unless you are on a server full of adult/malware websites.

Unless the entire webhost is "blacklisted", there is no way for it do any influence on SEO.

SEO is search engine optimization, is just how the "search engine" "see" your website. I always do my sites very accessible for blind and deaf people, because I believe if that any human can navigate, the "search engine" can too.

What makes difference is a clean and readable code, with the correct tags, emphasis and structure.
I think this it is impossible. search engines only consider domain names.
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