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Web series, television series and movie

What do you like about web series?

What do you like about television series?

What do you like about movie?
1... hmmm
2. they are entertainning and time consuming.. there is something vicious about them, you cant help but watching them, even if you totally know you should be doing something productive or interesting instead of being stuck on your sofa watching TV... you know that feeling right?
the feeling you get when you totally waste your time... and the feeling when you think "one more episode and then I'll do it".. ("it" being whatever more exciting and worth it you have planned)
There is something about series... you just HAVE to watch them.. (saying that.. I dont watch TV much since I live in England... no time.. )
3. some of them, not a lot, but some of them give you about 2 hours to dive in a brand new world and to forget your worries temporarily... Another positive thing about them, is the fact they make people talk afterwards and share opinions and feelings.. which I feel doesnt happen often enough lately...
Yeah, can't say that I've had any experience with web series, at least, not in the way that I presume it is meant.

Movies are once-off epics, that revolve around a single idea. Nothing wrong with that, and if the idea is genius, then they can be fantastic, but, ultimately, movies have a limited life span.

Television series, on the other hand, are trying to involve you in a world and keep you there. The characters get explored over time, and every aspect of their lives investigated. At least, that's the plan.
I don't watch web series. To me, the web is not a place to watch new programming. TV is for that; the web is for watching old stuff.
1. I never found one that I like.
2. I love TV shows. I don't watch a lot of them at one time, but I get really addicted to the ones I watch. I really get into them. It's a must-do every week (well every time they are on, since lately they are not on every week Rolling Eyes ) When they end, I feel like it's the end of the lifetime, like a person left my life. It's sad, I know.
3. I used to be a real movie buff. I got over that I guess. But still, they are like a therapy. Like the first poster said "some of them give you about 2 hours to dive in a brand new world and to forget your worries temporarily". They are perfect for just 'getting away' from life.
By web series do you mean "retarded animal babies (NSFW)"? They have three or four web cartoons that you probably won't see on TV! Smile

TV series: Currently I'm enjoying everything StarGate on netflicks (SG-1, SG-Atlantis, and SG-Universe). I like series... the length of show is part of the enjoyment as I often don't have time for a movie, and need the whole story in a smaller time slot.

Movies: I like to buy new movies, and watch them once, and then play them over and over till I get sick of them while I'm programming. I don't know why, but it works for me. It's much more fun to program if you watch a movie that you've already seen. Helps me keep breaking away from the movie to get more work done.
I like web stuff better because I am mostly on the computer and not only that no having to track down the remote control for the TV... if ya know what i mean.
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