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Approach to a problem?

I’m not sure if this topic belongs in this section or not, so if a moderator thinks it should go somewhere else, is fine by me. Anyway, the problem I am having with my computer is frustration. Oh, my os is microsoft.

Does anyone have the same issue? What have you done about it, if anything? Do you change something or think about it differently. Do you feel like discussing this problem like a "this is the way it works problem"?

This is the challenge, I face with my projects, much too often. Don’t get me wrong, I like my computer and happy learning new things but at the end of day, I get this revelation of inadequacy. I am talking about maybe I should be updating my software because I am finding out what I am doing is really out of the ballpark/outdated.

Specifically, I’ve done some modeling. Interesting, looking good here, like doing it and we do need to start somewhere but when I see what others are doing in animation, it is like comparing a roller skate to a elite sports car. And the problem does not end there either, whether it is a web page or dabbling in programming there always seems to be a better way, a better software available. Now, the time we spend and the money we do use for our tasks, does loom in the background. The game is we need to balance out our own needs. But my question here I guess is - - -> is there a way of being not on top of the game with the greatest and latest hardware/software combination or you risk that horrible death of frustration.

After reading above, Rolling Eyes it all sounded like a physiological problem but really, the question was meant to be more of technically related question.

Do you think it is ok, to make a web site these days using just html and not get laughed at out of the room?

Your opinion?
Because something is newer doesn't mean it is better in any way. You can't compare a roller skate with a car. They are different things and serve different purposes. I never buy software and if it isn't free/open source I just ignore it and try to pretend it doesn't exist. That makes me feel a lot better. I agree with you that there is always better ways to do things in programming. We will just have to make it good enough I guess. HTML is still good and often enough to make a very useful page. I have all scripts disabled by default so I can get a little irritated if I have to turn it on in order to make a menu made in javascript or flash work. I don't earn money on this (yet) so I see no reason why I would have to be "on top of the game".

I think this has much to do with who we are, if we compare ourself with other people and things like that.
No. I don't believe HTML alone is sufficient to create a good looking website today. The time spent coding can be better used to create content for the site. Have you tried any CMS? (Wordpress, for example)
saratdear wrote:
No. I don't believe HTML alone is sufficient to create a good looking website today. The time spent coding can be better used to create content for the site. Have you tried any CMS? (Wordpress, for example)

It depends on the purpose of the site. For example, a serious site which aims at translating centuries old Arabic texts (I have a real website in mind) doesn't need to be flashy with pictures or even themes. It can be simple, with a couple of colours and a menu and look great.
They are different things that serve different purposes.

I am going to try to remember this because after all, it does make absolute sense to me. I see what you people are saying and see this as well, I think in google. It is laid out the way I like, without all the hype, loads easily and does what I want it to do. On the other hand, I’ve seen the opposite and really don’t appreciate nor interested in stuff flashing up all over the place. Though there are some very cool things on the net, yes please, purpose does suit the bill, your right.

I guess, yeah the measurement can be, what is suitable for our needs at the moment. I do know the vendors would love us if we bought all the latest gear or on the other hand we could be spending hours downloading the cool free stuff but then up not really needing it in the end. It would be the case I suppose if our computers were just performing simple tasks.

Thanks for sharing. I may end up just making some simple html pages and/or leave the rest to the experts, even when/if I ask for comments on what I’ve done get some feedback that says, “well it is pretty basic!”.

happy computing Wink
Oh, I don't mean flashy, in your face things when I mean not using HTML. I don't like those type of sites either. Smile

What I meant was by using something like Wordpress, the whole setting up process and selecting a theme can be done in a jiffy, leaving more time for content. Wordpress does have simple looking themes.
Fire Boar
Simple is good. But I find that in 99% of cases, even for very small sites, adding a small amount of PHP is very rewarding.

For example, suppose you are shooting for a consistent look and feel. Headers and site navigation should be consistent from page to page. That's fine, you just have a template and use it for your 50 or so HTML files. Now suppose you suddenly need a new navigation item. Suddenly you've got to go through and edit 50 files. The old fashioned solution for this would be to use frames, but this is deprecated and discouraged nowadays. PHP would allow you to store all the information that needs to be consistent in one place, so you only need to edit it once.
Thanks you are helpful, not forgetting the good pointers.
I use three computers, (two older, one new) one has window 98 installed, the other dual boots to windows xp and ubunta and the other windows 7. The win98(loaded 7years ago) has stuff setup in a way I am familiar with and works quiet well for some of the things I do, so I still use it. The win7 is a friends computer and we have had to reinstall (quickest solution) as something she installed caused the beast down .. anyway... point is though I do like the look of win7, newest that day was not impressing me (like trouble free)? I have never owned an apple.

Ok, back on to web pages..I get what you are saying and see the need for php etc for anything past four pages. Same for wordpress, do not get me wrong, I think wordpress is so cool, just like I think php is cool. All the plugin’s ... make me want to resist the urge to download a million and try them all – guess a person could make that their web page? Title of the web page is “review of all the coolest plug in’s and how they work”

I suppose what I need to do first is look at all my needs and make a decision of how to make this computer work period and then how to make everything all work for me in a way I want it to. Is this called web programming? – joking ok - On a serious note, I can remember a jpg would slow the process down, now it seems to be massive coding that is grabbing my processor and saying here are 40 things for you will do while you are putting that jpg on the screen. Is this my imagination or are things getting larger and complicated for my novice ways? Of course the other persons super computer $ handles this code without trouble.

P.S. I really do like computing just intimidated right now maybe and my responses turn to sarcasm as I try to find the best solution to do what I want to do.
I used to worry about this kind of stuff, making the coolest and most professional looking stuff possible.

Turns out people really don't care about that kind of stuff. Many of the top performing sites and blogs have a simple white background and black font.

My customers really appreciate my ability to capture, interpret and model their as found systems and give them products that enhance what they are already doing and leads them into a better way of doing it. They could use any goof ball to make things pretty. But, they want substance and vision.

This is how I profit from the saying that content trumps style.
As was mentioned above, most actual programming by hand has a very different purpose than designing using an interface. For me, it is less about the aesthetics of what I'm building, and more about the functionality. Yet, there's always a threshold where the amount of coding that needs to be done by hand exceeds the amount of time that I have to do it. That's where a fancy software program comes in handy. For example, in developing a game, one can attempt to write a game engine by hand, along with a preprocessor - or you can use one of the open source and well supported game engines that are already out there. Additionally, I'd say that even the process of choosing to use HTML is essentially making that same decision: You chose not to go out and write in assembly, or develop your own coding language. You chose to use HTML as your starting point. You chose to start at that level of design - some people choose to start higher, and some lower. Its a matter of expertise, experience, and preference.

Not to criticize or anything, but I really have no idea what the OP was getting at besides the question in blue... You may want to clarify your background statements, as they are a bit hard to follow.
As a reasonably sized project, I had in mind to make a web page that had some interactivity much like the web page we are now looking at except with more animation use. If the user clicks somewhere on the page, the penguin that we now see on the left side of this page comes alive as a 3d animation. It’s function might not simply be cool but provides relevant information and might have substance and vision.

One solution is to use Microsoft agent. I can make my own 3d character and actually program the animation to provide random responses based on input that suits the subject at hand or as it can act as a tutorial. But guess what?

This product has been discontinued in windows 7. It requires a special download to work at all and I have questions about it working properly. This application is user os dependent. I might be able to live with only addressing a windows audience but antiquated windows audience, I am not sure if that is just to narrow? Generally these types of issues can be found in so many computer related applications that I spend a good part of my time researching which direction to go in just starting out. This is compounded by the fact that I have limited knowledge and therefore before making an educated decision need to learn about the things I am looking at. It is interesting but also not constructive at the same time. Your dialogue is being helpful however and food for thought – thank you.
What is the purpose of the page?
Fire Boar wrote:
The old fashioned solution for this would be to use frames, but this is deprecated
and discouraged nowadays.



PHP would allow you to store all the information that needs to be consistent in one place, so you only need to edit it once.

With a PHP equivalent of frames?
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