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Firefox website,

My new website (I would show you but I don't want any sneek previews untill it's completely finished Wink ) uses layers and PNG images rather than making tons of sliced images I decided just use layers!, it will make the page much faster loading time but it will cut out my IE users (As IE stubidly won't display semi-transparent PNG images) and I don't want to add the (Javascript I think) code to fix it I want to keep my code very short and necasery no accedint snippets (which is hard to do unless you type the code in by hand (Which is what I eventualy had to do)), anyway to sum, I was wondering wether you think that I shouldn't make it a firefox only website, or should I have an IE redirect suggesting they use a good browser? Wink
Depends on how bad it looks in IE and what browser you expect most of your visitors to be using. But personally speaking, I would never make a browser-specific site. With a new site, you want to try and grab all the traffic you can from anywhere and everywhere. If you start dictating to complete strangers what browser they should be using and/or serving them up a neo-cubist train wreck of a web page because they're using IE then you run the risk of half of them hitting the back button before they can get a handle on what your site is all about. If I were you, I'd make the extra effort to make your site compatible with all the major browsers.

You might want to check these stats to help with your decision.

Browser Statistics

Can you afford to take the chance?
I've installed a PHP mod so that it goes through the PNG images and redoes them for IE, though it doesn't work for BG's Sad

Well I tried, but I'm not to botherd I'm more applying to the Firefox users which are a big market 1/5 internet users use Mozilla or Firfox
Well, my advice is *for once* to actually make a splash page. Let the page have two portals, one for Internet Explorer, the other for Firefox. Of course, the Internet Explorer one would not be messed up.
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