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Brutally honest citique requested.


Intent: To showcase a portfolio of three different kinds.
Design: Minimalist/artistic. This is on purpose to not alienate any gender or age group.
Fees: Industry low to attract customers in this horrid economy.

I'm looking for honest opinions that are constructive, not cruel. I can take criticism, but I won't tolerate trolling or unhelpful comments. I don't mind brutally honest comments, as long as it's constructive and helps me out.

Honest opinions/suggestions?
Ok, this is my view. First I will remove black gap between top image and menu on main page because they have same background. Even more maybe only one image with top text and menu. Second I will put line around letter on logo (and menu). This will make title little bit more readable. Third, you are put prices for your work but I cannot find any portfolio of your works (real, living sites). This is very important for any web designer. Fourth your menu (on other pages) is jumping on mouse hover what is little bit irritable.

Ok, enough for now and hope not too brutally Wink

I think your photo's are just lovely and speak so much about your work. I would agree with sonam - another example of your work might be an asset and should not the menu be consistent through-out the pages? I also call for a rewrite.

I have a brutal critique regarding content - about you. Just an opinion, that’s all, as an outsider looking at the site for the first time, I get the impression from the site that the owner has written this site, as it should be. Therefore, write about yourself in the first person? Now, I understand you might write a description for a customer the way you have but that could be your done in your sample site? Also, this is only opinion based as food for thought ok, people want your services, they do not care if you are married? I am saying relevant info only in your discriptions.. i.e.: put yourself in their shows which is what I am doing for you here .... as a customer.

hope that helped a little. Smile
I'm a brand new designer, fresh out of school. I don't actually HAVE other works, and I was warned to never ever ever make dud websites or HTML samples of fake companies, because it can be detrimental to sales, I was told to just showcase basics of my skills.
Your own site doesn't seem like a business site,it has the feel of a personal webpage.

As for other samples.maybe you should do free samples for friends websites or offer your free services in the marketplace on here and showcase them on your website.
Free is great if you don't owe 50,000 dollars, have a phone bill, credit card bill, rent, food, and kid to pay for D:
When I was started I also haven't any portfolio. Truespeed is right, your site is not looking like professional web design site, but it is nice and enough for start. Try to spread word around in your city, facebook, and tell to any friend. 99% of my work coming from friends friends Very Happy
The other think what you can do it is build 2-3, like you wrote fancy-looking, templates, and put it (small) .jpg on your site too. The customers don't care are you minimalist or not they want to see what you can do it. Also people like to see something like "I will build your site tableless, pure css, supported by php, javascript, compatible with any new browser, etc. " Few words more in this way instead of long color description will keep attention.

Everyone needs clients that pay well but when you are starting out, there is a dilemma, no clients to to show what work you can do and faking it is just wrong- you are right. Ok, what to do? What about a features page or two that gives information on services you can provide or something that you are able to do for a business or an individual such as a flash page, form page, or sample artistic layouts of different value and $ that they can select for their business web site (select not copy). It is a risky decision to do something for little or nothing but a page for a non-profit, church, helpful organization or affiliate that might give you a customer out of the deal and can say also something about you, your work to the customer? Just some thoughts..
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