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what are good ways o super up your pc

whats everyones input on there tircks for speed up there computers?
RAM, followed by CPU upgrades. Not really much else you can do Razz
Ankhanu wrote:
RAM, followed by CPU upgrades. Not really much else you can do Razz

true i got 4 gb ram alrdy. any tricksd to speed windows system up ?
If your mainboard/CPU allow it, you could try overclocking the CPU... but you better have some top-notch cooling, or you'll kill the processor.
Remove some unwanted service at start up.
This could help you to decrease start up timing.
Like the other said:

1. add new RAM modules to increase RAM, keep it in mind that x86 (32-bit) can only handle 3.2 gig (I think)
2. upgrade your CPU
3. remove un needed services

and you could also try to:

4. Remove software you don't use.
5. Cleaning out your registry, I used this regcleaner
6. defrag your hard disk, I used O&O defrag freeware edition
7. Make sure that there is enough free space for your system.
on XP I leave at least 6Gig of free space

I tweaked my old desktop with this BYOAC wiki page to increase performance for my arcade project.
always worth a shot

this also helps:
8. remove your wallpaper
9. optimise the system for best performance instead of for best graphics
10. Keep your desktop empty, or only leave shortcuts on it.

there is a lot you could do to increase performance, check any of the links on google and you should be on your way.
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