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Top posters with no hosting at Frihost??

S3nd K3ys
I got to thinking about the top 10 thread, and wanted to see how many posters post regularly here yet don't appear to have an account, (i.e. thier points and frih$ are the same and all have more than 30 posts)

Here's the top 10 from what I can see.

ibix 90.89 Points 90.89 FRIH$
sunjay 85.49 Points 85.49 FRIH$
leone 85.34 Points 85.34 FRIH$
Deviatorz 69.52 Points 69.52 FRIH$
pokemon 69.17 Points 69.17 FRIH$
Billy Hill 63.25 Points 63.25 FRIH$
olivier_1988 59.05 Points 59.05 FRIH$
Mickey 58.85 Points 58.85 FRIH$
senSENsen 57.56 Points 57.56 FRIH$
twisthigh 56.25 Points 56.25 FRIH$

I haven't seen what all these people post, but a few are pretty much regulars here.

I think that says a lot about Frihost. Very Happy
This is a community of "average activity". Smile
Some people just like posting in forums, and this is a pretty cool and active one.
why u ask that??????????????????

u must understand the relaion between points and posting in between times

hahahahaha Laughing Laughing
S3nd K3ys
adwya wrote:
why u ask that??????????????????

u must understand the relaion between points and posting in between times

hahahahaha Laughing Laughing

Actually, I wasn't asking anything, I was simply making a comment on an observation I made.

I think I understand the relation between points and posting between times as well as anyone. My point was that there are some folks that are normal members here that do not seem to have asked for an account to be created. To me, this says that they are here because they enjoy being here, NOT because they want free webhosting. Wink
well i enjoy talking on this forum it is actually a good forum and i would be like that but i have so much stuff to do... and dont take this like im cocky but... i talk to alot of girls... again im not cocky i just like talking to girls... so when im not talkin to them im checkin out football... me and football are like one... and then im playing a game... me and playings games are almost like me and girls
Billy Hill
S3nd K3ys wrote:

Billy Hill 63.25 Points 63.25 FRIH$

w00t! I made a top 10 list! (but your numbers are not accurate) Wink

S3nd K3ys is right again. I haven't asked for hosting here. Yet. Cool
I guess that does say alot about frihost.
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