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thinner but weighing more

i keep getting slightly thinner
but i keep weighing slightly more every day

does anyone have any ideas what could be happening
Fat has less weight then muscle mass.
are you working out? if yes, then there is your answer.
i was working out a while back but i stopped that and a while later it started

i dont think its muscle mass

it looks like a six pack but its pudgy and soft like fat

or is it a sixpack hiding behind the fat

also just so you know im 70kg, so you get a better image of whats going on
Only one answer comes to mind on becoming thinner but weighing more.

And the answer is that you're losing muscle and gaining fat.

You working out before and stopping fits into it as well. Once you stop working out you start to lose muscle mass (speed of loss depends on your activity level and what you eat).

This would be evident if you are going from firm/toned to flabby.

hope this helps.
The weight of the bone is far more than muscle or fat. So if your bone is somehow developing, it can cause weight gain ( Which happens during teenage growth). If it is not then most probably the reason is what pointed out by kitsrock.
The bone weighs more than flesh.
its amazing but that's as fact.
cause i weigh more even though i am slim.
Weight is a horrible judge of health, and this is a known fact. Doesn't stop people from going out and buying scales and ONLY considering their weight. Get healthy, and get fit, and you will notice you greatly outweigh your former self because you are much more solid.

As was mentioned fat weighs less than muscle. Dangerous dieting can lead to quick weight loss, but you are literally wasting away with most diets which is why they feel so bad. Start eating right, exercising in your daily life by taking the stairs instead of opting for th elevator or escalator, and walk to the local store instead of driving. Lifting weights, and running is a horrible waste to me if you are going to continue driving to the store and avoiding stairs, so you can exercise more if you have a better mind set about your habits in your daily life. Don't expect to stay lazy about stairs, and miraculously change yourself with a little walking or lifting weights. Your whole mentality has to change, but you've been experiencing weight gain while getting thinner so you are on the right track.

Start measuring body fat content, so none of your ideas about what you should look like affect your health negatively. Many ideals about what looks good may not be your body style, and thus you will never achieve it and any attempt to re-mold yourself will fail. Go for what feels good because getting healthy feels great, and doesn't feel like starving or wasting away. In fact you are doing the opposite because you are building a better body, which I'm willing to bet weighs a good deal more than your current ideal.

Don't be afraid if your metabolism comes on with a vengeance and you are always hungry. If you are exercising a lot more, then you will need to eat more because you are burning more energy. Just eat more often instead of gorging yourself, and eat healthy foods that are low in sugars and trans fat.

Being instant gratification about and avoiding the prolonged or endurance exercise will cause your body to only burn sugars which isn't bad, but the goal for most people is burning fat. Fat is slow to burn, so your body goes for the quick energy to burn first: sugars. It also is somewhat painful for your body to switch from burning sugars to burning fats, and many marathon runners call this "hitting the wall" because it's hard to motivate through it. Don't stop when you get to this point. Lower your exertion if you must, but keep going and build your endurance.

Endurance athletes are always the thinnest. If you don't believe me then look at the difference between the good sprinters and the good endurance runners. Sprinters tend to be the body building types with a lot of explosive energy and large muscles. Great endurance runners usually have slim builds and more prolonged energy available to them. Their training is exactly what determines their body styles. The sprinters train with lots of weight over few reps, and the endurance athletes train with lighter weights with more reps. Struggling against lots of weight actually produces small tears in the muscle which are repaired stronger than before to hopefully overcome the weight and produce less tearing, but of course, they don't allow their bodies to become used to any weight but keep upping the amount so they build more and more muscle.

Endurance athletes really are just going for the better fitness of increased circulation, more efficient breathing, and generally just train their bodies to provide all the required functionality for endurance more efficiently, and they avoid the tearing and rebuilding of muscle which produces unwanted bulk that they would just have to carry with them in a cross country run or similar.

Choose your exercise regimen accordingly. I'm guessing that you probably want to go the endurance training route because you are a girl, and most girls don't want to bulk up like most men do. The endurance training will help you feel like you are spending less energy living your life, and will help you feel like you have much energy in reserve should you require it.
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