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Forensic Software and Tools

Greetings all,

I'm putting together a list of parts for a forensic workstation and I have run across something that I have NEVER heard and would like a clarification.

While looking at specs for F.R.E.D., I noticed that it mentions PS/2 Keyboard and Mouse. Why? I've never heard of this.

Where, in today's computer parts market, would I find a motherboard with PS/2 connectors for a keyboard and mouse?

I did a search for PS/2 on the forums, but didn't see what I was looking for. If I missed it, I apologize.

I hope I'm not going to be embarassed by this, but it's something I don't ever remember hearing about.

Thanks for all responses.


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PS/2 keyboard and mouse is very very common atleast in my country.

You might have it too, just that you did not know what it was called.

PS/2 simply means the round ports for the keyboard and mouse which is there on most motherboards.

Of course laptops do not have these ps.2 ports only Desktop computers will have it.

Because USB keyboards and mice work just as well and they can be used on laptops as well, many people prefer USB keyboard and mice.

Another disadvantage of PS/2 keyboards and mice is that if you unplug and then replug them (or plug them after a computer is already booted up) they will not be recognized. (They are not plug and play compatible in most motherboards)
Depending on the type of response you would encounter. you would need all the right tools. Some ppl still using older machines and do not have usb.. I have worked on a few systems with faulty or no usb and had to use an adapter.

like this:

I think this is what your talking about.
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