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What to do with unused domains?

I have several domains I have just registered, I would rather not list the names here, but basically I need some ideas of what I could do with them, I would like to just leave them alone for the time I have them, and just have a steady flow of visitors flowing through, even if they're not making money from ads, I would like them to have a good sale value at the end of the term I have them for (2 years). I have a lot of other projects I am working on at the moment so I can't dedicate a whole lot of time to them, so preferably something easy and effective and low maintenance. Having said that, I am open to any suggestions at all, even if they do require a bit of work I just need some good ideas.

The reason I would not like to post the names here is for SEO reasons as I have a domain I recently put a site on, but was mentioned in a forum post by me, and the thread is currently second in Google's search results only to the site itself, so I would rather this not happen for these domains as well, however I am happy to give details through PM.

Thanks Guys,

I use to host a few of my domains that I originally wanted to develop something but decided otherwise. By using, it offers me two things.

An option to sell the domain name to an any interested parties. The other is that it allowed me to point my nameservers to their service and ads would essentially appear.
Thanks for the reply. I have tried Sudo with several other domains, I did think the fees they charged for selling were a bit excessive, I would rather have the site live generating traffic, as this would make the domain(s) worth more in the long run. One of the domains is 6 letters, easily pronounceable, no numbers or substitutions, just the single word, I was actually quite amazed no one thought of it before me and i think it would be very brandable I just need some good ideas?
Are you selling them? Personal message me them so I can have a quick look and I might be interested.
if you have google adsense account, you can park there and earn money from ads
If you have google adsense account you can use adsense for domain. I am certain that you will get some revenue from it. Adsense for domain works well. I have earned some cash from it.
metalfreek wrote:
If you have google adsense account you can use adsense for domain. I am certain that you will get some revenue from it. Adsense for domain works well. I have earned some cash from it.

Yes. I am using Adsense for Domains for some domains, it's working fine.
I would suggest a mini site on the topic of your domain name.

There are a lot of places to find mini sites (meaning 3 to 10 pages) for free or for cheap.

Put up banners to your money sites and adsense to try and earn some money.

Add some on topic affiliate links and opt in form and off you go check in once a week if you feel like it to see what is happening.
i d suggest u make a sacrifice by building a niche site around domain name or better still park it with sedo and watch the money rolling in!
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