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What is the Advantage of a CPU with Hyper Threading


I am researching upgrading my computer. The Intel I5 don't have Hyper Threading the I7 does. What is the benefit of the more expensive I7 Hyper Threading.

Thank you..

P.S. I'm not a gamer but perhaps am heading that way..

Thank you..
To put it simply, hyper threading makes the CPU slightly better at doing multiple things at the same time.

It isn't really essential for gaming...
For gaming, the main thing you want to focus your effort (and money) on is the graphics card, everything else is important, but takes a secondary role to that.
Pretty much what ocalhoun said: It's better if it has it, but it's not all that important.
Regardless of Hyper-threading, Core i7 is AWESOME Smile

awz, i didn't know that hyper-threading still exists Surprised I had it on my P4. After a long time, now only i've heard the word Sad
hyper threading is only an Intel trade mark it is what people in the microprocessor industry commonly refer to as Simultaneous Multi-Threading per core
hyper-threading allows a single PC microprocessor to behave like two or more PC microprocessors.
Hyper-Threading allows various parts of the PC Microprocessor to work on various tasks at the same time.
it was brought to the market by Intel which they did for the first time in 2002 when they introduced it to the consumers in an Intel xeon PC microprocessor.It was supported in windows from windows NT 4.0 onwards and is also supported in most Linux and UNIX variants. the Pentium series were the last to have hyper threading before it disappeared and reappeared in core i7(Nehalem) in 2008 which had 8 threads
To boil it down as simply as I can your computer will see an i5 as 4 processors, but will see an i7 as 8 processors.
i5s -> 4 threads at a time
i7s -> 8 threads at a time

if you decide to go with the 1156 slot type, invest in a cooler like this one:
The stock cooler is junk. I easily pushed 100c when running the stock cooler on my i7-1156 (despite reseating 3 times, with new paste.), purchased this ~$25 cooler (woohoo no back-plate, and not heavy), dropped 60c, 'nuff said.
Another thing to think about with Hyper Threading technology:
Yes, although it "doubles" your number of processor cores 1 "seems like" 2, 2 "seems like" 4, and 4 "seems like" 8.
Technically speaking, it's an advanced method of managing your applications at a given time. so, even though a 4-core CPU "appears" to be an 8-core those last 4 "cores" are actually using the resources of the REAL 4 cores.
In layman's terms, those "8 cores" are really only sharing the physical resources of 4 cores, instead of each core having it's own full set of resources.
There has been noted a number of drawbacks in the past. I'm not sure if Intel has improved that or not, though I would imagine they have.
On the other hand, it's also been noted that the use of hyper threading is said to be very application dependent.
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