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So I bought a hard disk...

Samsung HD-103-SJ.
Came home, connected it, PC turned on... and off!
I was like "woah, that's not good". So I unplug the hard disk, so that everything's back the way it used to be, and "poof", no image on the screen although computer seems to turn on OK.
Well, I removed the video card and the RAM sticks, disconnected the PSU and checked the voltages with a voltmeter (seemed to be fine, 0.2v or so above rated on all rails... that's ok) and started to insert the stuff back one at a time... everything works now.
Of course, I'm not going to connect the hard disk until I get a new one (or this one checked).

I have enermax liberty 400w, intel 6420 (not OC), HD5770 1GB, 4 sticks of 1GB DDR2 (1.9V), 3 fans (80mm, 120mm and CPU heatsink's 92mm), Wester Digital 250GB SATAII, Gigabyte 965P-DS3.
I did calculate energy consumption and I shouldn't consume more than 320W on that system on full load, so the PSU should hold it.

My question is why I had no image until I removed all of the hardware? A faulty capacitor somewhere is my only guess...

EDIT: went to the store, dude checked out the disk and it worked. Came home, connected it, works so far.
Super weird, why didn't it work in the first place? :\
Fire Boar
Probably a dodgy connection somewhere the first time you put it in. I expect that if you had given all the wires a wiggle the first time and tried turning it on again it would have worked.
I'm with fireboar on that one, you probably knocked a connector or something. The one thing I find with Sata connections is that they can easily come loose if you are fiddling around inside a tight fitting case. Small cases are great for space saving, but they're a nightmare to work inside when you need to fiddle around.
Doesn't sound like anything serious. Like the other two have said, it's almost certainly just a loose connection. I wouldn't worry about it at all.
Sounds like you had a short and the motherboard grounded out to avoid damage. You should check your hardrive power cable, swap them out and try another one. It's most likely a connection.
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