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What are you studying or what's your profession?


can you tell me what you're studying or what's your profession?

ok, i'm studying how to build websites and how to code them

I'm studying towards being in Ministry. That, eventually, will be my career. Right now however, I am a digital artist by 'profession' (or paying hobby :-p). Both require quite a bit of studying, actually. I don't have any formal training regarding Digital Art. I enjoy it and plan on doing it for quite a while (paid or not). There is something about it - expression maybe - that allows me to just sit back, relax, and go for it. After a lot of stress, I can go ahead and pump out something nifty. Lately, I haven't been able to do anything because I'm shooting towards getting legal version of Photoshop and Illustrator, heh. I'm not the first, and most likely am not the last individual to use copied versions of software.

It's cool that you are studying Web Development. Are you just interested in the back-end of it, or are you shooting for design as well? Also, what is YOUR profession? :-p. Did you skip that on purpose? How old are you also, if you don't mind me asking...quite a bit of questions, I know - accept my apologies.

When did you start studying Web Development and how far are you planning to take it? Do you have any examples of your "study" work? What do you study aside from Web Development?

Answer all these questions and you get a bonus question Wink lol
im really an artist. this is what i took bachelor for, and i'm a freelancer. dunno, maybe its in my blood, hehe. I've stayed regular for a company for barely 7 months then i floated around, accepting occassional projects on companies i have contact with. the hardest thing bout this job is the building up of regular clients. and the irregular flow of money
Studying electronics engineering.
i'm studying a superior module of computer science Wink
I went for automotive body repair since where I live there arn't many around except for the bigger dealerships. I figure it will be a good prof to get into since I don't want to work for someone else for the rest of my life plus cars have always been a big part of my life.
S3nd K3ys
I'm a CNC Programmer, a Computer Programmer, a Machinist, a Web Developer, a Teacher, and most recently, I'm studying to be a daddy.

(Can't wait to go home and play trucks with my boys!!) Very Happy
Me i am learning in a engineering school
Well I guess technically I'm not "studying" something, since I'm not out of High School. Laughing But many of the courses I'm taking are geared heavily towarded becoming a veternarian, that means lots of math and science. Razz
Business Administration..
Computer Studies
i am a second year medical student... how masochistic is that?
well, i'm a computer science graduate and currently my profession is an analyst/programmer... Cool
I hopped around trying many different jobs. Now I'm back in shool to double major in International Dev. Studies and Peace and Conflict Studies.

On the side I study spirituality and all things ethereal. I love painting, drawing, and writing Smile (somehow I suspect most of us enjoy that one - being that is all we do here.)
Shade of Blue
I'm a senior in high school, so I don't have a "profession," but I'm really into jazz saxophone and flute, and I'm hoping to major in jazz performance and be a professional musician.
Computer Engineering... gez!
Working as an engineer.

I'm a CNC Programmer, a Computer Programmer, a Machinist, a Web Developer, a Teacher, and most recently, I'm studying to be a daddy.

(Can't wait to go home and play trucks with my boys!!)

LOL ... That's one of the real perks of being a daddy ... a chance to relive your childhood and play with all the cool toys again.
I'm currently one of many Customer Service Managers dealing with correspondence for a large retailer in the UK. Not as exciting as it sounds, unfortunately.

I've just started to do a self study course, working towards a Certificate in Web Applications Development through the Open University.
My prof.... welder hehe damn hot job....
else i use alot of time to study HP's Forum's
and what else i can find on the I-net....

ATM i search i-net for some hint's to make a nice and easy to read and use HP....
i am doing my GCSE's now
I take care of my goats.
Im studying c++ and math.
I'm a Nursing student here in Philippines Smile I'm studying mostly about medicines, syringe, etc...
I studied biology with the main-area genetics, molecular biology
I am a digital designer and I am studying phylosofy by my own interest. I will study audiovisual at a university next year.
I like music too and web programing but you cant aways get what you want...
I'm studying to become a Minister and I'm working as a webmaster/system operator in a middle great company. Right now I'm curious if there are any other people around who are at the same time studying theology and working in ICT.

I have finished tourism administrations high school..worked for airground services..then DJ at disco's..was an interviewer on Tv Channel..sipmly i m working as a radio dj..whch is quite easy for me..and also we have a textile marketing i m working there when i am able to manage my time..
and trying to learn computer skills getting to be a webmaster..dont know which attemp will be next..l
I am doing my B.Acc Degree to become an auditor. I am in my third year in 2006. My subjects are:

Financial Accounting
Management Accounting

You would think that this is boring, but it really is not. If you take your time with it you will find out what the true meaning behind each word are.

I would also like to do something in computers or psychiatry when I complete this degree.
I'm working my way to med-school to study pediatric cardiology. It's always been my dream to help children and I think that the heart is amazing. So, it was only natural for me to combine the two. Are there any other doctors or soon to be doctors around here?
I am studying Computer Science and Engineering. Although right now I am only an undergrad freshman so I haven't really done much computer science yet, mostly just getting requirements like chemistry and calculus out of the way. I did take Visual Basic and high school though, and we coded in NQC on a project, but that doesn't really count for a real language.
Currently I'm taking Computer course Wink
I am now studying MCSE(Microsoft certified System Engineer) and CCNA(Cisco Certified Network Associate).
I have just completed my 12th class. And I have to go to an engineering course, after this.
I'm majoring in Psychology, becuase it has the most attractive job prospects but I've majored in both English and History and have more than enough credits to be considered as having earned a minor in either. If not for some bad timing, I might have double majored in History and Psychology, with English as my minor.
PS: Excuse any wonky, misspelled or ungrammatical text. I'm dyslexic and sleep deprived which is a combination sure to make me look stupid sooner or later. *Chuckles*
Electronics Engineer(studying) Cool
I'm a physicist.
Working full time as a Systems Administrator for an American Telephone & Telegraph company we all know (and most hate).

Bachelor of Science - UMASS Dartmouth - Computer Science,
Master of Science - Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Applied Computer Sciences,

Currently still attending MIT part-time for my Juris Doctorate in Computer Science....if that isn't enough, I also post (on average) 15 posts a day here in these forums, authored, and manage a dozen websites....and go to Church every Sunday.

My Mom is proud of me Embarassed
now i study in school.
My profession is computer games, PS2 games and Movies.
The best American movie I have seen is "The Negotiator". Thats the first American movie I have seen that can happen. Unlike; The Lord Of The Rings ect...
In my case, I study in science. Later, I want to be either a teacher (maybe in physics) or being some kind of researcher. I could do experiments, researchs and all that kind of things everyday. That would be fun.

And I always liked teaching things to others people. I think that this kind of carrer would suit good for me. Either that or maybe become a lwayer like my mother always say to me Shocked

I always want to get the last word. Maybe good to become a strong lawer...
I'm a mad scientist...
My specific interests are transformations and world domination.
I studied English, Psychology, Philosophy and Anthropology. I'm currently working as an English teacher to pay the bills. I don't necessarily think that a person should be defined by what they do for a living(says the hitman to his psychaiatrist(John Cusack - Grosse Point Blank)). Writing is what's more important for me, short fiction mostly working on a novel though.
I will be studying aerospace engineering. How airplanes work and fly as well as the design and testing of them.

Fun Stuff
Computer Engineering will be my major in college. In the meantime, I am studying on my own programming languages of all sorts to gain experience for college...
I started out in Computer Engineering and then I went into Computer Science. Now I'm taking Chinese courses and finishing up a Computer Science minor. I don't really know what I want to do though.
Majoring in English but have no plans whatsoever about the future
Rolling Eyes
I'm studying electrical engineering....

Yep, I am one of the 5 girls in my 120-student program !
Electronic Engineering. There's only one girl in my group and shes 40! Shocked
Eletrical Engeneering.
I'm working as a .NET programmer here in the Philippines. I'm also doing picture and video editing as sideline Laughing
Hi , i am a Pharmacy graduate and now doing M. pharm In Pharmaceutical chemistry at Pune University.
I couldn't help but notice that there are quite a few about-to-be electrical engineer here!

That's great!
Music and production man
oil and gas translate,it is a good majob,but i am in a university which is not good at this majob,so,i still a umemploy yet
I am studying mechanical engineering specializing in micro and precision engineering. That means everything mechanical which is very, very small like developing the mechanical parts of hard drives, watches, medical equipment and so on. I hope that one day I can also work in the field of nano technologies which is something I am very interessed in. But currently it doesn't have a big impact on mechanical engineering because it is mainly still researched by physicists and chemists. The designing of future applications of this will be also engineering work and I hope I can contribute to this.
i m doing Bachelor of Computer Applications and i wud like to be a web developer
i'm just a low form student so i have no choice
but i love biology
I am studiying at Electirical Engeenering and I saw a few person above who are studiying it . I know the girl problem about it Very Happy You are right. Smile
Major in English literature but currently working as a freelance graphician&designer Very Happy
i'm studying Telecommunications engineering although that's not the thing i wanted to do.

i always wanted to be a computer engineer but well, i've ended up doing this.

can't say it sucks since it's somewhat related to computers and it's easier to find a job and i'm actually getting used to it. just 3 more years to go.
of course i can tell you. i am learing chinese flute, chinese traditional dance and modern dance now... but it's not related to what i am working now. Actually i do not have any dreams or future about my job. i only want to become a dance performer in the future.

my profession is project manager

I have understand that you wish to set up website and need to html editor if yes, I should give you some informations that it should make you works easier

warmly regards

I studied biology and finished with a diploma. Now I make my phd (to become a dr. rer.nat.) at a hospital researching certain aspects related to diabetes. But I just started.
Well, I'm doing my Masters in Software Engg. and I'm a freelancer now.
Just at the beginning of the road.
Studying for a practical electronics engineer degree.
I'm an undergraduate freshman dual-majoring in Biomedical and Electrical Engineering with a Pre-Medical emphasis. Yes, I know it's crazy, but someone has to do it. =P
Language - Japanese
I was a uni lecturer until about 15 months ago when I took a job with a drugs/alcohol charity as outreach projects director.
I'm in elementary school still but i'm studying these subjects:

    Language Arts/LAE
    Social Studies
I am currently studying the recent trends in the music, video, and software piracy circles since my job pretty much rquires me to do so.

My job is in the Rights Management field and it gives me access to almost all of the music and movies and software being traded on the internet today.

Gotta say I love my job
After this year, i'm off to college.

Will be studying computer science and some kind of engineering.
I am going to SJSU, and i am studying compute engineering. i already know a lot about computers and how to fix and repair them. Now all i need is the degree to make big bucks.
fray bentos
law, law & more law.

love it.
I'm studying about law ( not love Smile )... Also trying to connected with net. So it teaches me new thing which I want to learn about..
Mathematics and physics? I am on it Wink
I'm currently studying for the following GCSE's (my exams are in August through July):

    English Literature
    English Langauge
    Maths Statistics
    Double-Award Science
    ExPressive Arts
    Nazi History

The above make up 18 GCSE's which is a little over the top to say that everyone else are studying up to 14 GCSE's, I just couldn't decide.
I'm planning to go to College and study the following at A Level:

    English Language

Which is again more than I should be doing but I just couldn't decide. I may drop a course after a couple of months but first I have to be accepted in my preferred college. I should recieve the reply in the next 3 weeks so fingers crossed. Pray
I'm just a lowly chimney sweep.
Yeah it's a dirty job at times but I bloody love it. Nothing beats the view, the freedom and how alive you feel standing on the roof of the tallest building around.
shocker wrote:
I'm just a lowly chimney sweep.
Yeah it's a dirty job at times but I bloody love it. Nothing beats the view, the freedom and how alive you feel standing on the roof of the tallest building around.

You are SO RIGHT. Sometimes I feel like my life would be so simple if I would be a shepherd. No electricity, no internet, no Frihost... just myself in the middle of nowhere.

Well, on second thought I love electricity, internet and Frhost. Erm, who knows?...
I just finished my studies in electrical engineering in switzerland. I also did an exchange semester in USA. Electrical Engineering is a very broad and interesting area, so I am sure to always find a nice job to work in the future...
Belgian Law student.
After this I will probably study Applied Economics and Management.
i will be majoring in music in college, mad difficult yo
I took my degree for network computing...
but currently i m doing shipping that on IT expect !=.=! i got promoted within 8 months Wink
Currently preparing for the SCJP and SCJD exams. Working as a Crisis Manager in Search and Recue and looking forward to the end of shift work.

I would be interested in talking to any other Java Developers on the site about expectation on entry into the feild.
I am currently working as an energy trader, but because my company is about to be "acquired" by a much larger one, I will be made redundant. This is scary because I'm going to open my own company. Start off small and try to build it up....
Oh yes, I'm also co-founder of a sportsmedical trainingcenter.
If anyone speaks Dutch, take a look at Razz
I'm a Game Master. I have many ideas ^_^ about my job. And I really want to be a good project manager. But I know I have to study hard to make my dream come true. Wink
A cleaner by trade, and for the moment not studying anything at an official level. Trying to re-learn HTML and aiming for future studies in philosophy or/and phsycollogy.
I have the pleasure of being a registered represenative of the best insurance and investment company in the world.
im doing a national Diploma in Computing - Software development and just recently finished my CCNA. Im looking to do Server Management courses soon.
I am currently a Reference Librarian at a state university in Michigan.

I am currenlty teaching myself HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
I'm going to study Informatics next year, and i'm curious how it will be like. I hope it will be interesting enough Very Happy
I'm currently in the last year of high school. I'm studying something called "economics - modern languages." I'm planning to do Law next year, should be fun enough for me. Twisted Evil
I'm currently in a junior college in Singapore.
Taking the subjects economics, physics, chemistry.
I hope to study more on chemistry or computer related.
Automation electrical engineering £¬but i like become a compute engineering ¡£ Laughing
[quote="lisa33144"]I am studying Computer Science and Engineering. Although right now I am only an undergrad freshman so I haven't really done much computer science yet, mostly just getting requirements like chemistry and calculus out of the way. I did take Visual Basic and high school though, and we coded in NQC on a project, but that doesn't really count for a real language.[/quoteim good at anything rele i can make sites like you have seen some one pay for the site like a guy which pays $400 for a site template those types of sites i can make for FREE PM if you want OK
I'm studying to be a Mechanical Engineer, at the University of Pune, India. I'm also going to be trying my luck for postgraduate education at either of the Indian Institutes of Technology under Aerospace Engineering.

My key areas of interest are:
* Solid Modeling and CAD
* FEA/FEM and computing
* Computational fluid dynamics

I hope to specialize in aerospace design.
i'm one of the happiest man in the world
people pay me to do what i like...
i always enjoy my job
and the important is i do what i like Very Happy
I am a student yet. I study hard and work hard. Part time jobs and get rich slowly schemes litter m past. I hope to be a professional one day and am studying to be that professional.

In the event that I am forever a student, I am thankful to the student loan agency that makes me take life insurance out on my outstanding debt. If I die, I take the dept with me. This is an interesting topic in and of itself. What if the US would die? would the debt pass away with it? or would the US citizens be required to pay for the debts of a previous regime?
i'm currently studying general engineering in canada and haven't chosen my major direction yet, but most likely computer engineering. Now that my first term is coming to an end, i'm looking forward to the summer~~
I'm currently enrolled in an ITT Technical Institute near where I live. I'm 3 quarters away from my Associates in IT - Multimedia. I'm also planning on going into the Bachelors for Digital Game Design as soon as I graduate with my first degree.

Right now I'm unemployed, but I have an awesome Internship. I work on uploading the website for the city newspaper. I also make some of that ads that show up there. I actually just finished a spec. ad today for a realty company in the area. I've only been there for a month and a half, but I really enjoy it. I'm hoping that it will end up as a fulltime paid position.
Computer programming and other computer technicalogical stuff.
I am going to start into it, anyway. Still in Jr. High.

So far I know some PHP, HTML, JAVA, and little CSS.

My goal is to learn C++ soon. Smile
I am studying ICT management. it's just the general ICT stuff. some programming, hardware and software. In further years i'll have to chose between many directions like programming, webdesign, and many more.

I really like it and hope to make my job out of it
You want to know am i studying. Well that will take a while. Laughing
Well first of all. Web design and programing. Which i ain't good at but still trying to be. See for yourself:
Second: I am still in high school and am studying Accountancy, Bussiness (I hope thats how u spell it), Chemistry, Physics and some other not so important subjects.
And last but not least, I am a seniour instructor in a martial art called Ju-jutsu.(finaly something i am good at!) Which i greatly enjoy to learn and teach-(I'm such a hypocrite). Well I think thats about it, if u exclude totaly-amateur-graphic desighn. Evil or Very Mad
studying computer engineering
After next year I can work in a hotel, it doesn’t sound that great but I love it. We have work weeks that we take in the school year, I went to a hotel and found out that it was the right choice for me. I am not that crazy about making a lot of money so I wont have any problems working there. Razz
I work at a Car Wash detailing cars. Good steady work and I keep fit!
i am working and also studying, it is very difficult to do both the same time, when exam times reaches, i am increasing my study time
Profesionel Graduate Electro- Mechanics option climatisation. Third and last year.
Hi, I am a Java programmer. I finished my Graduation in CS.
me,i'm workin as a lawyer for the socialist union, defending white collar people against asses of big companies
biology/chemistry ... "Would you like fries and a coke with that?"

.. in the process of moving into the field of secondary education. During the summer, I have the best job ever! (Note: not my site design Anxious ).

This should be one of those polls, or a profile question.. for fun statistical purposed.
I'm a student. Study to finansist in Moscow Finance-Uridical Academy, and my specialize is "Banks"...
I studied Systems Analysis at Miami University in Miami University.

I am currently working as a Help Desk Analyst at a company called Astar Air Cargo. There I answer all incoming calls to the IT department and am responsible for either resolution of the items that I can complete or creating a ticket for another member of the IT department to complete the issue.

In 2 weeks I will be starting with a company called Hobsons where I will be working as the Lead QA analyst for the web products that they produce.
i am studying Computer Science and software Engineering. i will have my bachelor's degree this year and after that i wanna do an internship, maybe i will continue with a Master in Artificial Intelligence or IHM or e_commerce
Citizen Kane
I'm studying to become a social worker. If I get my Bach, I want to start my own firm, where I can freelance as a company social worker, be a personal coach, give communication classes and act as advisor for other social companys during their start-up period.
My reseach area is digital control, real-tim control in Electrical and engineering department.

I suppose to graduate in this fall, god bless me in the job hunting....
I'm doing my graduate degree in music performance on the violin. I teach violin lessons and someday I would like to play in a group of some sort (orchestra or string quartet).
I am studying Computer Software's Engeneer, but I also like to learn everything that I can, no matter what it's related to.

I'll like to learn electronics to combine it with computer software and make some useful robotic machines for automating some specific industrial process.
I study medicine
I am in the final year

I will be graduated next january Smile
Hi, I'm in my third year of a secondary teaching degree. So when I finish next year I will be able to teach English and Drama and will specialise in special education. I am hopeless with computers but because I will need to teach students to us them in my classes I am playing and slowly learning now.
i begin my first year in university for economics and managment Smile
Last year I degreed the faculty at Tehnical University Cluj-Napoca from Romania,in the field 'Environmental Engineering'.I'm studying now too Computer Science at a Postgraduate School from Tehnical University of Cluj-Napoca.
Today is the last exam of my first year at university YAY!!!
Only 2 and half hours work left to go then nothing until September, apart from looking for full-time work to keep me alive now that the student loan has run out!

A quarter of the way through my Analytical Chemistry degree, and I almost cant believe that they want me back for a 2nd year. It's been hard work but easier than I thought, and if anyone were to ask me my opinion on studying even as a mature student, I'd say GO FOR IT!

Won't be posting for a couple of days now I think, maybe one or two days of celebrating are needed now Very Happy
I graduated B. Computer Engineering & B. Mathematics & am now working as a Programmer in Java, Pro*C, PL/SQL, Unix shell etc...
i am studying sculpture, with a minor in both art history and film history. a lot of people disregard this profession because they feel i am wasting my time and money on something i should just pursue as a hobby. but little do they know i now know how to work in any medium, as well as cast bronze and latex which can translate into a number of fantastic jobs.

my only piece of advice is to follow your passion, and don't get caught up in societies chase for fame.
i m to study acting
I'll be studying computer engineering at a local university in 2008 =)
I'm currently an EMT and am about to head into the AS Nursing Program. I plan to get my RN and EMT-Paramedic to specialize in critical care as a flight nurse.

It's cool to see I'm not the only one studying medicine here. I may need to abuse my member priveledges and pester some of you and pick your brains Wink
I'm currently studying I.T. from home, i've already done 2 years of studying I.T. already. Along with that i have also done a course on website production, I'm hoping that I can build a business online so that I can have what is to me a "Plan B" in my future life.
I stop with studying some years ago , i now work as a welder in my own workshop doing professional welding works , i like some day to make shop for building hot rods because that is my passion , about where i like to work , well there are a lot of places, first i like to work for some period on oil rig , but its hard to get work there , because of previous maritime experience , if someone knows some way how can i get job on a oil rig please tell me , second well that's that to get quick money from oil rig job and to build my own shop for building hot rods and some crazy choppers , because i've got the knowledge but i don't have money for the place and the tools .
I'm working as a tutor right now, while getting my degree in psychology. I guess I'll probably end up teaching or as a school psychologist/counsellor.

It's funny, but I also seem to be rather interested in Graphic design. I seem to be reading loads of books on that right now. It's a side thing though. Psychology still rocks. lol. Never thought I'll say this but I love what i'm studying.
I am currently working as an IT programmer consultant here in the Phils, since we have a big market of IT people in the country the competition is really stiff (though most of my IT friends/former classmates/colleagues are already out of the country and doing/loving their work in other countries).

Since the competition is stiff I tried to invest on grad school. Am currently taking up Technology Managment course in one of the universities here in the Philippines. Being an graduate of an engineering course, i find it that we lack the knowledge and management skills. So instead of taking an MBA course i took a course which is technology related and a management course as well.

Full time work and study isn't an easy task... but that's investment... =)
I'm in my second year of university and i study economy. Next year I'm taking the information technology course, because I'm really interested in this kind of stuff and frankly, there are enough economists who can fold papers into piles where I live. Very Happy With some IT knowledge I can increase my chanses of getting a good employment right after graduation which is very important for me!
I'm graduating at the end of June. I'll be an high school teacher for maths, physics and computer science. I'll also be allowed to teach a lot of other courses, but those are my main subjects.
I have a degree in Translation, and I´m a freelance translator since 2000.
I study computers, so feal free 2 ask any setup Q'sSmile
Technical communciation

I am currently working on my MA working with Gestalt Theory.
Lord Kuat
Medicine (M.D.), first year.

Not a premed. Already have a degree in neurobiology.

Youngest in my class at 18 Very Happy
I am doing my information science engineering in bangalore. I am a poor student who lacks in studying much, becoz i m moved to many other sides for eg: WEB DESIGNING AND USING INTERNET. this too have changed my life and i m mostly addicted to them. Let us see what happens in the future.
I posted previously that I was so happy finishing my 1st year of my degree in chemistry but argh, I've changed my mind now and I'm switching to wildlife conservation I think.

I've been brilliant at chemistry and had 80 to 95% marks from not a lot of effort, but my gosh, I find it so boring and it's not what I think I want to do!

Yes, the chemistry degree will get me a higher paid job, but to be a local wildlife ranger or something will make me happier and more fulfilled (I'm a tree-hugger in my heart!) so I've just emailed the university to see what happens now, and formally request the change.

OK, I may have increased my study time by another year - not sure yet - but I think whatever any of you do out there, do it for yourself and whatever it is that only you know will make you happy.

Chase your dreams... no-one else will Very Happy
I am studying public adminstration and management in the City University of Hong Kong (CityU). This course is an assocaiate degree programme which is a 2-years course. In the course, I have learnt some social related subjects such as sociology, local and foreign politics, human behaviors, criminlogy, social aminstration, etc. Moreover, I need to take the language course. In this year, I have took French. I think French is great and easy to learn, are there any French-speakers here? Can you share you experience is speaking french to me?
Well.. Most of the people here study in computer science or something like that.. I saw some people were in medical faculty.

I'm a second going to third year medical student. I study what I like and I like what I study. I even blog about it.
My favorite subjects are biochemistry, clinical pathology, pharmacology..
I'm waiting for my pending request to do research in biochemistry about the effect of smoking toward the bodymarkers, in this case I got the 'malondialdehyde'.

My current job.. none..
But occasionally I work as english journal/ text translator for students who prefer to read it in bahasa.
I am studying biological engineering- I eventually want to be a college professor.

Any other married graduate students out there?
I learned from web and some course. I find web design is quite fun. and most important thing is I have full control for the web site , from coloring, layout to javscript...
Iam Studying Computerscience and working as Network Admin.. i like technical cources ...
Im still at school doing my GCSEs! im doing ICT, German, Technology and Geography. I cant wait to leave school because it is so boring and i just cant wait.

If i go to university i will probably study computer coding or something computer related.
I'm currently studying for a degree in 'Management' - which is basically just a business studies course. If I'm honest, it's not the subject but the course that attracted me to it. You got to study abroad for a year, and work a job for a year, so the experience factor was very high. Unfortunately, I'm about to enter my final year so it looks like the fun is almost over.
I have just finished with my entrance exams into our local agricultural academy for a veterinarian and will hopefully study for it for the next five years. If I don't get in, I'll study for a biologist.
Tough vet is most likely.
I'm a Software Engineer at the Enterprise Solutions department of Infosys Technologies Ltd. Currently in India.
When I start school in Octoer, I'll be starting my schooling in Graphic Design. Smile
I'm studying real hard to become a Professional Welfare Recipient!

It has always been my dream job, but I wasn't sure I could make it in such a demanding field. But with lots of hard work and a little luck, I think I can make it.

Wish me luck!
I"m doing a major in physics.
I was a computer engineer till a few months back, an idea struck me and I left my job to be an enterpreneur. Now looking for funding and for software contracts to earn some bread & buuter till I get that funding Very Happy
I'm an Industrial Engineering student.
I'm studying the course of Computer Engineering. Wink
I'm studying Software Develpment majoring in C#...
It's just a diploma but i learn a lot of interesting things... RDMD, SQL Server, C#, ASP etc etc
Its been 4 years outa school and i hope to finish my studies this year...
I'm not stupid, just lazy.
My current skills include PHP, MySQL, XHTML, CSS, DHTML
So ill see where the future goes, web or software development..
I'm currently working as an editor in a small post-production house,
and I've been stuck in this dead-end position for 9 years.
I'm thinking of a career change. I will apply to a culinary arts school.
I m meidcal student have exaims at the movement of fourth year than i will
go to final year .

i use to surf on internet and also participate in these kind of forums , this is a great forum .

i think all medical student here should know each other so that they help each other so ...what you say.....
I used to teach in college mostly literature, but now I am interested in webmastering. I dabbled a bit on computer programming a while back (about fourteen years ago) and then I got to know the web in 1998. Since then I've been learning stuff that I didn't have a chance to know in school (like operating a search engine Very Happy ).
I'm a web developer and that's also what I studied in school. I work for a small web development firm now, but plan on starting my own business very soon.
I'm just studying advanced math, as well as C/C++ and java. Although I won't need to consider a profession for a while.
I'm in college to get my Business Degree but I am also taking side courses to obtain my Enrolled Agent's License.. In other words I'll be recognized by the IRS to represent clients and prepare tax returns.. Here here for me not falling asleep in class tomorrow. Tax law is very boring but good to know to keep people out of hot water!
Rolling Eyes
I'm a graduate student in Physics at the georgia institute of technology. It's pretty cool I guess. I get to go into work whenever I want, so that's a plus. But I usually end up going in early and working late. It's nice to have flexibility though.

Hopefully, if all goes well on my qualifying exams, I'll be staying another 4 years Razz . Good Times.

I also have a teaching assistance position, which pays the bills and gets me free skoolin'. All in all a pretty sweet deal, and a lot of work Shocked .
studing in bac math this year
I've just entered my first year of college. I currently have a major in forensic science, and next year I'll probably add Criminal Justice as a second major and Chemistry as a minor, since forensic science students at my college automatically earn a minor in chemistry.
I'm studying audio-visual communications. Nice name for studies, and says almost nothing. Or says too much. There are hundreds of jobs under AV communications. But I'm learning film making. Camera shooting, recording, editing, directing, writing, lights and so on, almost everything about making movies, but mainly technical skills. I have studies now for a year, and I have two years left. Maybe after that I will go to university to continue my studies to become a film producer.

I have been training in one long film, and it was the best time of my life. I really love film industry Very Happy
Yeah, I love the film industry cos you can get paid heaps just to move a piece of furniture around. But yeah, that's not what I want to do.

I'm doing visual communication at uni. Funny name eh? No one really understands it until I tell em its graphics desijgn ^^. I'm also trying to get into the film industry but on the postproduction side or motion graphics Smile. Sadly, we don't learn the AV or technical side of things much. Just how to create nice visuals using the programs we have.
Computer Studies
I'm about to start my third year of Telecommunications Engineering, should give me a lot of jobs in the future Very Happy
I'm a medical student, getting ready to enter a research lab for a year. I have no intention of doing research for my career, but wanted to dip my hand into it a little bit.

Still have a *lot* of training left to go.
I am working on Cardiovascular Radiology Technology and Computer Networking
I'm studying to be a physiotherapist, right now I'm in the middel of my first year.
I´m electric engineer, and got studies in safety, enviroment and quality systems too.

Hi folks,

I studied Chemistry, specializing in synthetic (bio)organic chemistry.
Interesting stuff.

I am currently at network and security engineer for a private firm. I do with anything that has to do with computers and networks. My job has me dealing mainly with Active Directory, DNS, Exchange, and various other Microsoft products. And for the security side I implement procedures and hardware/software products to secure a network.
im studying fine art photography. Very Happy its mainly digital imaging based, and im tryijng to make myself a website to put my photos on.

does anyone know of any sites that help with how to make a cool but simple website design?
I'm a teacher and I work with Languages and with Computers appllied to Education too. I'm planning to study webdeveloppment to build and manage a commercial website by myself.
Was studying Englisha nd Business Administration
Now being an English Teacher teaching business english XD
Right now I work in Information Security for a fortune 500 company... I basically deal with administration of Unix and Mainframe accounts, remote console and prepaid debit support for accounts of member banks.

I like the IT field but sometimes it's really really stressful and I really don't like that corporate environment either. It's got its pros and cons for sure.
Technically im studying Computer Science but now im really trying hard to prepare for my accounting quiz tomorrow.
Technically im studying Computer Science but now im really trying hard to prepare for my accounting quiz tomorrow.
I'm studying Computer Science and I specialize web page designing and advanced networking. I'm currently working for my thesis right now. I'm a fourth year student.
Reyntjensw wrote:

can you tell me what you're studying or what's your profession?

ok, i'm studying how to build websites and how to code them


I would like study girls.. Laughing

But seriously, it's electronics. After graduation I would like study some bussines issues.
I just finished my thesis for my Master in Computer Science. Apart from that I am a naval aviator with over 2000 jet hours and an instructor license.
I'm computer engineering graduate and right now I'm doing job as System Engineer. I'm also CCNA and MCSE certified. But, my major track is computer programming.
ahamed wrote:
I'm computer engineering graduate and right now I'm doing job as System Engineer. I'm also CCNA and MCSE certified. But, my major track is computer programming.

Hello and good day mr ahamed and others,

Ahamed, I find your job as a System(s) Engineer, with certifications in CCNA and MCSE, as a worthy and timely profession. Although I am not into any IT fields (I am in Performing Arts), I feel the need to study (not necessarily a formal one) Information Technology in major levels. Idea

In order for one to survive today’s rapid technological (r)evolutions, IT’s study becomes a basic necessity that sometimes, arguably, more important than our first language. Exclamation

Now, we would appreciate it very much if you can explain to us in simple, natural manner and terminology what we can expect from a System(s) Engineer like you, and what kind of talents and disciplines one needs to be able to acquire CCNA and MCSE certifications, aside from others? Can you give some of the highlights in your experiences, both during your undergraduate courses and while in the performance of your profession? You will enlighten a lot of non-techies, like myself, if you may have some time to share and spare your precious moments explaining, not only your key(s) to your success(you seem to be at it now), but also how you recover(or avoid) from any failures in general. Idea

I really would like to wish that this forum topic evolves into, sort of, ‘What are you studying or what's your profession, including your success(es) and failure(s) ?’ In this way, not only we introduce our studies and professions, we’ll also LEARN from the important experiences, not only of our own but, of others, too. Technology is so fast that we have no time to catch with it if we will just rely at the phase of our own experience – streamline the wheel instead of reinventing it. Smile

I hope this humble post merits your kind attention. Thanks a lot for any future words from you. Goodluck in your profession. More success… Exclamation
I'm currently taking art classes, and hope to major in some kind of graphics design or visual arts in college [in like a year] but I'm still thinking about it. I love taking pictures, and have years of traditional arts experience [like graphite, color pencils, water color, oil paint, oil crayons?, pencils, and with computers- b/c I took drafting a few years ago at school] I also help design webpages for friends, and learned a few crafty skills like sewing and knitting [random] Smile
i study literature..
Reyntjensw wrote:

can you tell me what you're studying or what's your profession?

ok, i'm studying how to build websites and how to code them


I am studying in class 9...

Shuvo......... Very Happy
I am currently a student earning my doctorate in clinical psychology. I am also a co-founder of a non-profit and mother of a beautiful child with autism.
Studying Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
I studied advertising and gráfic design but I actually work as a quality coordinator in a call center.
Bachelor of Science ( Computer Science ) at Curtin University, Perth - Australia
Master of Multimedia at Swinburne University, Melbourne - Australia

Currently working as Graphic Designer
Studying for a degree in Business and Finance!.....Then on to do a HDip and a Masters Wink
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