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I've been having trouble with and was wondering if anyone could shed any light on the situation.

The website appears to be down and I can't find any other sources of information. The site has been showing errors for the last few days when I try to access the control pannel on my account. The same error shows when I try to register a domain.

The error is:

The system was unable to process this request.

Please try to load this page again.

Are they updating the webiste or something?
SonLight seems to have trouble pretty frequently. The user sites should be working fine, and the home page itself is ok. It is a nuisance when you want to make a change or register a new domain, but considering that the domain names are free, having to wait a couple of days to make changes is not too much of a problem.

I noticed that any proposed domain name shows up as available, even if it is one I know is registered already. That probably indicates that their database is offline and they default to showing available.

My guess is that they will be up within a day or two. They probably have maintenance or unexpected issues an average of every month or two, and do not have the backup resources that most commercial operations do. It would be interesting to know how soon they become fully functional again.

Edit: Still appears to be down Apr 21.

Edit: checked again Aug 11, and it seems to be working now. Up to thirteen a's are taken, but 14 a's claims to be available.
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