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New Lady Gaga song like Madonna

That new song is too much like every Madonna song. Gaga even does a Madonna style breakdown.

why are not more people saying this?!
i really dont care about this... i dont like both of them
Then don't post in response to it.
Lady Gaga has a different way to think
But it's hard to find someone who didn't inspire in something
Who didn't listen another song and thought that he or she would like to play something like that
It's the music world
Of what song are you talking?
Born This Way
Of course these people are just mimics and mime artists enslaved to whatever pantomime the public and the record a&rs demand of them. 90% are not remotely creative anyway and never really were or needed to be. I see Lady Gaga as somewhat of an impresario who seems to know how to act and present herself (an actress basically) but I've never noted any real semblance of musical dexterity or creativity. She is making pop music after all. She is a pop singer that lives and dies by her ability to put out a banal, mundane, radio-friendly foot-tapper, and being that in order to be popular (on that scale and with that diversity of ages and cultures) it is true that one must first sacrifice some personal expression (if they ever had any to begin with, which I personally see as political weakness of any public figure anyway). Lady Gaga is never going to embark on a "Sgt Pepper's" experimental phase, put it that way. There is no demand for that. Not only would it be beyond the limits of her seemingly incredibly shallow imagination and originality, it would literally ruin her career. She plays to a crowd of faceless, fast-food consuming, intellectual degenerates. That is her bread and butter. Whatever sells. Although she may feign some sort of uniqueness in her dress sense, again we're back to Madonna's coned boobs and Elton John's absurd sunglasses. It is nothing new. It has all been done before and unfortunately, to get back to the question of why is she trying to emulate Madonna, the answer is two-fold simple. 1) Madonna is the still the most successful blueprint for "Queen of Pop" (The same is still true of the late Michael Jackson with male "artists" like Justin Timberlake, Usher, Ne-yo, Akon, et al. They plagiarize him wholesale). This isn't Beethoven, Mozart, Beatles, Elvis or Beach Boys. This is basically color-by-numbers. Drama school. Who can do the best Michael or Madge. 2) She has no talent whatsoever. What else is she going to do but copy the same celebrity iconography that Madonna copied with Marylin Monroe and Marlene Dietrich? She had little to no talent besides showmanship either.

So don't worry too much about it. She's just doing what she's supposed to do. And that is dance. Dance to whatever tune makes the most pennies rain from the skies and gets her the most column inches. These people have no artistic integrity. Please don't attribute it to them. It is insulting to those of us who starve for it.
portoskt wrote:
i really dont care about this... i dont like both of them

Madonna is an amazing singer, how can you not care?
It's true, but I wouldn't say he has to care. Madonna is $.
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