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Indian Premier League Cricket

Indian Premier League Cricket is a catching up as a important sport not only for its entertainment value but also for the commercial value and also very interesting to see the format of 20 20 cricket
I'm just getting to like cricket.... now that India won the world cup, and also now that I'm getting it on Satellite TV.
The IPL is really highly invested in, and a big thing.
I'm beginning to like cricket now that India won the world cup, and hope this will be good as well.
Yes IPL is a money spinner and I think various people are benefited by it
THe tournament is a little jaded now as there are many matches and it is a long tournament
Although I'm for development and commercialization of sports, I feel the IPL is a bit too much. It's as though the cricket has been sidelined ... it's about Bollywood, politics and glamour. (And there are tons of rumours about match-fixing, betting, etc.) I just feel that on the whole, this will have a negative effect on players, who will obviously find it very hard to focus. Just my opinion ... Rolling Eyes
Yes,IPL is very interesting.
My team is Chennai Super Kings.
What about you?
Chennai Super Kings is a good team but in twenty twenty one can never say who will win as it is just 20 over game and things change very easily
Fielding is an important aspect in this format of the game and it can help in saving runs from being scored by the batting team
I accept that.
Bowling also very important to keep the score low.
I hear cricket players don't wear gloves and the ball is harder than a baseball!? How do more people not getting teeth knocked out? Also, is it true only those who stand near the batter to catch a tipped ball wear helmets. What an awesome sport!
Today IPL Final Match among CSK VS RCB.
Waiting to see the match.
What you think?
Who will win?
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