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Just a question

I noticed in your TOS you have these two very sensible pointers...

MP3 and other music files are forbidden on our servers. No exceptions will be made.
We are neither an image host, file storage or downloads website. Uploading of big files is forbidden. All accounts with high traffic and/or high occupation of space will be checked.

Now here comes my dilemma Smile

Myself and two others have formed an indie game development team, and we're planning to use any space offered by FriHost as a game development forum with obviously a private forum section for ourselves as a team to discuss and post files relating to our own personal projects. As an indie developer our titles are likely to be in the 5Mb (or less) region of storage as FULL titles. As such during development we will need to exchange files between ourselves and it makes sense to store them on the FriHost allocated space and link to them via the private forum. This way each team member can see the feedback given on each file post and thus hopefully inspire greater creativity.

Given the TOS are we able to do this?

Firstly the TOS states "music files are forbidden on our servers. No exceptions...". Although we won't be using MP3's or OGG for the music within our game instead opting for MOD, XM and IT formats due to the smaller filesize and better game sounding tunes, it is still a music file albeit our own created music. Secondly regarding the file storage, we're not specifically using the space just as file storage but then again you could argue we are it's how you perceive it.

I'm asking really because I think this is a great service and I can see the reasons behind the TOS, I just want to do the right thing and not ACT first and ASK later. In addition I would be very happy to include a FriHost sponsor logo within the games.

To show we're serious about what we do here is my portfolio of games that I've created the artwork for and here is a screenshot from the game we're presently developing.

I think you're should be allowed to share files between yourselves... Just wait for Bondings to confirm this.

As for the music, I'd say you'd be definately allowed to host them (if you made them). Did you make the MOD/XM files, and are you making them open-source?

P.S Screenshot looks good! Good luck on your development Very Happy
The MOD/XM files are created by our musician Roel, he owns complete copyright to his music as I do with my graphics and Dave with his code.

In answer to your question regarding the project files (music, graphics or code) being open-source this is really a decision we'll make nearer completion of the game. It is however unlikely the game will be open-source but there is a strong possibility that it will be a FREEWARE game made available to the public to download (full version).

Oviously for us as developers publisher interest would certainly be nice too and if this situation arises we will need to look very heavily on taking this route as ultimately it helps us financially develop further titles, some of which will definitely be free.

Thx for your comments on the screen, especially as it's my handy work Wink
Yes, that would be allowed. The files are for you and your friends and not used as a download for the whole internet. And I suppose the music files are rather tunes instead of songs, which also makes a difference.
Much appreciated, thx man. Very Happy
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