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How can a Facebook account be hacked ?

Is there any method to hack a facebook account ?
For the most part Facebook can not be hacked.

Some ppl think hacking is like what they see on tv or the movies. Its alot of reading and research. Most of the time its not what you think.

The best and easiest way to gain access to someone's facebook account is to set traps for them and grab their login info.

This could be dont with keyloggers, phishers, packet sniffing, man in the middle attack. Other then that, you would have to find facebooks database computers get on the network find the hash files unencrypted the hash. Which would be " salted " and probably take a 100 yrs.

Thats if you could get pass security! Intrusion detection systems, passwords, firewalls, ipscanners..etc.

To sum this up.. Its possible hack facebook just not easy or smart. I would go after the target. set your traps and wait. Find some keylogger, trojans, rats, or phisher to put in place or get on the same network of the target and sniff out the raw data and cypher though and get a password.

Hope this helps.
On another forum I saw how they gained access to some facebook accounts. One user had collected a lot of login information from another site. He posted hundreds of account details (email and password to that site) on the forum. People often use the same password on many places so many of the passwords could be used to login on both the email and facebook.

It is not quite as easy as that. If facebook detects that you login from a location far from where you use to login it will ask you the security question (What is the name of your pet?-kind of question). This stopped many people from gaining access to accounts but sometimes they could guess the correct answer. If they asked for a city/town it was a high chance of success if they answered the capital because 9% of the country's population lives there.

So the lesson to learn from this is never to use the same password twice. I know it's hard, I also use the same passwords on many sites but I at least try to not use the most important once on untrustworthy sites.
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